Duck Racing: Beyond the Line

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1. Sylphrena,

What would you think about an option in duck racing that would cause cards to be activated even when the leading duck goes beyond the latest lapse?

Example: Imagine a scene like this:
Aminiel: 12 feathers, square 30/30, lap 4/4, 1 cards in hand.

3. Front pond; No special effect; Mine

With this option activated, if Aminiel rolls 3, he'd step on the mine and go back to square 18
Alternatively, he may step on a glue which may give others the time to pass the line and actually win the game since he has turns to skip.

The game would complete when
- at least 1 duck has completed the full round and does not skip any turns / is not frozen.

who wins? When?
I can think of 2 possible choices here:

Difference of the second option is that the winning duck does not have to be leading long as they are beyond the line and are in good standing.


Thanks for the awesome game! It's been truly refreshing and adicting!

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2. Lemonade,

This is an excellent idea and I am in full support!

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3. YNWA,

I partially agree with some of your suggestion so I will give my example:

Game lasts for 5 laps and you are on square 27 of 30. If you roll a 3 and it takes you to firty you win, if you roll 4, 5 or 6 you face the consequences of your roll and if that means you go backwards you play untill you finish. However, if you mis a turn because of being stuck or lose all your feathers then I think it is wrong. It would be like Usain Bolt being disquallified because he tore his hamstring just after the finnish line!

The point of a race is to get to the finish line and not continue afterwards.

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Latest edition by YNWA, Dec 28 2020 13:21:48

4. pilote,

I am in full support too. It doesn't effect who ever wouldn't play in this way. At the end it's suggested as a option like dozen option in uno.

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5. Hajaja,

I like this idea a lot.

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6. Rincewind ,

Agree with YNWA here. The further forward you are, more likely you're to jump on the card that is lying there, and clearing the square for the ducks behind. Purpose of the race is to go over the finish line. To draw parallels to a real race (not saying this is not a real race - ducks are very much real) It's like Aminiel (or Aminiel's duck) crossing the line first and winning the race and then jumping on a trampoline and somehow rebounding back onto the field and allowing the others to run pass him/it laughing and pointing. And if you jump on a pile of gum, well, you're still pass the finish line and would still be the winner. So what if you cannot get up.

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7. evador,

I have agree with that

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