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Updates and work in progress

Aminiel 51 Aminiel,

connection problem to the playroom with v2.2.8

Anneau-de-Saturne 0 Anneau-de-Saturne,

A New Function Is Now Available to Send History Reports!

mayya 8 mayya,

Playroom and forum rules, please read before doing anything

Aminiel 3 fatih ,

Recruiting Helpers

Mmarina 2 Mmarina,

Important updates regarding the English helpers team

Mmarina 0 Mmarina,

Problem connecting to the playroom of Friday Feb 15th 2019

Mmarina 0 Mmarina,

Web client and website major update

Aminiel 87 Nikola,

7 years of Playroom

Aminiel 26 Nikola,

New Playroom windows client available: 2.2.8 RC

Aminiel 32 Aminiel,

Quiz party teams

basket 1 Mmarina,

The Playroom and its future

Aminiel 30 sunny,

Team departure

Aminiel 4 Sajad-Aliraqi,

Recruiting helpers

Aminiel 44 BhavyaShah ,

Playroom on mac, smarphones and tablets thank to web client

Aminiel 38 devinprater,

Disconnexions and Annoyments for the Server

mayya 4 LaraStardust,

New playroom client, version 2.2 RC

Aminiel 17 djfelix,

Close the english playroom ?

Aminiel 36 Derrikk,

Easter surprise !

Aminiel 1 paddy,

Merry christmas with the new messaging system !

Aminiel 10 italiano86 ,

New game: ninety nine

Aminiel 1 Ellinder,

Spades now available !

Aminiel 1 lildudebutiplaybig,

Black Jack has arrived !

Aminiel 3 Ellinder,

New game: 6 takes

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

Playroom v2

Aminiel 56 bmisch,

Client and server version 1.7

Aminiel 2 Aminiel,

Launching chess game !

Aminiel 1 kelwin,

Playroom v2.0.5 connecting problem

Anneau-de-Saturne 3 Aminiel,

Stats reset

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

The most famous number game is inviting himself to the playroom

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

Reversi: a game of 2, 3 or 4 players

wael 3 ethin,

Christmas update with new games: yahtzee and reversi

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

New client version 1.6.1

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

Website update and client/server version 1.5

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

New battleship game and server version 1.4.2

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

Launching the playroom in english

Aminiel 0 Aminiel,

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