Aliases, anyone?

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1. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Hello. So this has got to be one of the most useless feature suggestions in existence ever, but I thought I’d throw this in here anyway just in case the dev runs out of things to code.
As someone who prefers chatting to playing a lot of the games on this platform, I have noticed that having to repeat myself several times during a conversation is a rather common phenomenon. I don’t particularly mind doing that if it’s something short, but what if, for instance, you have to explain the rules of your free table game, or tell a funny story you heard on the news, or share the origin of your current username with multiple individuals or groups of people? Call me lazy, but typing that 20000 times is not only tiring, but can also make the whole chatting experience slow and boring for whoever you’re speaking to. That’s why I think aliases would be ideal for this kind of situation. The way I assume they would work, judging by the syntax for PMs and emotes and rolls and the like, would be something like this; you would set the alias from, say, the functions and more or the options menu and then when chatting you would type a special character followed by whatever short word you had chosen for your alias. Upon pressing enter, the whole long piece of text should appear In a single message.
I’m very interested in hearing what others think about this idea, as well as how possible it would be for the developers to implement it, so feel free to reply with your thoughts.

2. Nikola,

I must say that it sounds interesting. I imagine one more case where it is useful, and that is when organizing a tournament. Often you need to repeat multiple times who plays at which table, so it could help there too. If you can define /a as the command for example, and then somewhere in the interface define that /a draw as an alias and paste the full draw, or specific parts of it like /a Table1, /a Table2 and type them out in the chat as necessary it could be quite convenient. To explain better with an example, let's imagine that you are at a table hosting a radio stream with a specific schedule. Instead of copying and pasting each time, in functions and more menu add a chat alias item. That would ask you first for the name, and you could for example type MyRadio. Then, it would ask you for the alias text, and you could paste the full schedule. Then, each time you type /a MyRadio it would instead send out that specified text. Sounds quite handy, even if not a priority I hope it can be considered. Cool idea.

3. YNWA,

You can kind of do that now if you are table master, where you put the link to music just put in your message instead. Not what it is intended for but it would work if you really wanted to.

Nikola you are correct it could be used for tournaments but people should either receive that message as they enter a free table or have a command key they could press at any time to give them the info save you pressing the key to post the message again and again.

4. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

True but you can only have so many keyboard shortcuts. I feel like a chat command would be way more useful in that it would let you set multiple aliases and not just a handful that could be used up if you're organising a Tournament/free table radio station. If you had a large number of groups of contestants or radio station timetables, the list of available keyboard commands would get exhausted very soon which would mean that you would have to re-configure it from somewhere within the interface, which kind of defeats the whole perpous of aliases. Or maybe that's just me. Either way we can't really be sure what the ideal way to implement this suggestion would be until we get to experience it.

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