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Introduce yourself and meet new friends

spaceship 215 meutwo,

Views and opinions regarding current situation of the playroom English forum

Marina 36 Marina,

Reason of nickname

SheWolf 38 Ferrumite,

Question about Duck Racing Duels

dparker 2 dparker,

Any lesbian and or bisexual females out there?

sound2 18 sound2,

About Nokia and Symbian! What where your experiences? Do you still own a symbian device?

Symbian_Belle 8 Symbian_Belle,

Express yourself.

Leom 42 emilia-mernes,

Players birthday celebrations

WaterWave 70 GeorgeWu,

What kind of new game would you like to see on the playroom in 2023?

Aminiel 20 aayushi,

Life as a blind person. Tips, tricks...

TheDreamer 1 meutwo,

what was the most stupid, hilarious or nonsensical question you received as a blind or visually impaired person?

lucy_light 50 EmeraldPupMato_lemon,

In Memoriam, Dalibor Dražić 1983 - 2023

Vojvoda 19 meutwo,

game engines

sultanalmalky 2 sultanalmalky,

About the Eurovision Song Contest 2023

RadioPierpaolo 1 Symbian_Belle,

Daily riddles

codbro 60 imprisonedindarkness,

Inverted or muerto?

Nice-2-meet-u 0 Nice-2-meet-u,

Braille playing cards

Nice-2-meet-u 4 YNWA,

What is your favourite app to get a particular task to be done either in android or Iphone or windows

cakeWala 6 Arya_Stark,

audio games

sultanalmalky 12 Arya_Stark,


Johnny 0 Johnny,

Wierd problem seems

LovelessBoy 2 Quintin-C,

Survey on technology used by visually impaired translators and interpreters

HappyCatFace 0 HappyCatFace,

Scopa question

Nice-2-meet-u 1 Isaac5457,

all about languages and linguistic. An exchange space for learning

ElFuegoHechoDeAguaCongelante 11 imprisonedindarkness,

is KaiOS usable by a blind person? As far as I read, it has a screen reader and is the 2nd mobile OS in India. I wish to try it, but my question is, what about the screen reader? Another interesting fact is that it is used with the keyboard only

Symbian_Belle 0 Symbian_Belle,

Learning Opportunity - Free, online course on equity and inclusion in education

Angelina-princess 0 Angelina-princess,

Arcade development forum

ibraheemmohsen 0 ibraheemmohsen,

Daily Joke

GodSaveTheQueen 28 sky360,

a story about chat gpt

mohitarya 6 sky360,

playroomplayers question

unolover 37 forester,

football5 (blind football)

charizar-3445 0 charizar-3445,

Petition for Hearthstone Accessibility on Change.org

imprisonedindarkness 5 imprisonedindarkness,

having issue with checking the battery level of bluetooth devices with nvda in win 11

meutwo 0 meutwo,

Just saying hello

MidnightsChild 1 JoWier,

zero zigth

mini_fenix 3 sky360,

Markdown in WordPress

Olteanca_Dolanescu 7 Moriarty,

New forum feature: polls

Aminiel 12 amirmahdifard,

Am streaming at 5 PM IST.

phoenix009 0 phoenix009,

spacex is working on accesibility

piathekiller 1 birdParcker,

Chat GPT poems

cakeWala 0 cakeWala,

Share your youtube channels

Caoimhe 3 codbro,

What do you hate the most about being blind?

TheDreamer 10 codbro,

Anyone up for a Go game?

Moriarty 2 imprisonedindarkness,

Graphic Audio and their music?

Eithan 6 Eithan,

What is your imagination of?

WaterWave 3 WaterWave,

Audio streams question

codbro 2 codbro,

What are your staple foods?

Quintin-C 19 the-wind,

request something

Samet-Alim 1 JoWier,

Suppress global activity notifications

Moriarty 4 Aminiel,

question about PR channels

ibraheemmohsen 3 ibraheemmohsen,

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