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1. ElCamareroDesencamaronilizado ,

hi. my intention to create this new poust is just to bring back the same old game to true or false, but at this time, avoiding any disrespect to the playroom's rules.
just enjoy it and no more.

2. ilyas,

the next person is eating chips

3. Mmarina,

This is a small warning, if this topic turns out to be like the previous one, the person who writes any message that breaks the rules will directly be banned from the forum, and if it became too much I will have to close the topic again.

4. Bhuvi,

False.. The next person hates ice-cream.

5. Roshni,

False. they are tasty. The next person is feeling sleepy.

6. Bhuvi,

Trueeeeeeeeeeeeee. The next person is bored of studies

7. augma,

the next person is going to win coming ducks race tournament

8. Roshni,

True. The next person is a singer.

9. phoenix009,

True, kinda. The next person is attending CS50 lecture 2 today.

10. Bhuvi,

false. Was it today? The next person is heartbroken. (pls dont take in an offencive way, I dont mean anything rude)

11. ilyas,

beep. beep, falce
the next person closed his eye for half a second, then opened it again

12. godfather,

True, because well i just did it. The next person feels like pasting whatever they have on their clipboard, without thinking once. Like me, i wonder what do i have though? Let's paste... Pran says: whatta?
Oh, that's what. heeha.

13. StormProductions,

True. Here's what I have:
Tudor YTTB #6670
It's my friend's Discord account.

14. Bhuvi,

The next person loves horror movies

15. godfather,

False. i like books, movies meh can't really be called "horror" nothing scairy if you read books really. In any case, the next person wnts to fly some day. and yes, i mean fly, as in, spread your arms, and woosh. not planes or whatever.

16. StormProductions,

Oh yeah, I want that. True.
The next person can dance.

17. Roshni,

well, true but false also. every person can dance in some different manner. the next person loves swimming.

18. StormProductions,

False. Haven't tried it.
The next person loves listening to radio.

19. Bhuvi,

Sometimes, so true. The next person is having the best day of their life!

20. Roshni,

True. every day is the best day. the next person is listning to music.

21. StormProductions,

True. That's exactly what I'm doing now.
The next person is hanging out on TeamTalk.

22. augma,

the next person will make a manamon 2 guide

23. StormProductions,

False. I'm not very familiar with that game.
The next person loves harry potter

24. Roshni,

False. Not really. The next person loves chocklets.

25. Bhuvi,

Falseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The next person loves helping people

26. StormProductions,

True. I help as much as I can.
The next person thinks that this topic will no longer be closed and that good things will be posted on here only.

27. lord21,

true, the next person will put a smily emoticon.

28. StormProductions,

True. :)
The next person is a gamer.

29. Roshni,

False. The next person is happy.

30. Pool,

TRUE, (happy) , the next person knows me

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