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601. Bhuvi,


602. soundarya,


603. godfather,


604. Roshni,


605. Alan1003,

don't! break! the! chain! people! stop!

606. Nikola,

I agree with Alan, just only with the last word he said. Stop!
How many messages before you find this boring? 1000, 5000, 10000?
When is it actually enough? Since there are like 5 people enjoying this, can't you guys create a group and play the game all day long? It's okay, your topic is the most popular on the forum, now you can end it and be done with it.

607. soundarya,

True. I mean, agreed.

608. godfather,

Agreed as well.

609. cornflakes,

the next person is fun

610. Mmarina,

Ok, How about you guys create an inbox for this? As a helper, I can send inbox messages to more people than the allowed limit. Thus I can help you adding the people you want even if they're not a total of 7. Although I think there will be no need for that, as it really seems only 5 6 persons are still enjoying this. Then everyone can be happy.

611. The-Chaos,

false. I am not against this topic getting closed. good riddance, I'd say.

612. phoenix009,

Yeah rofl. PLS, the guys who love it quite a lot, use an inbox.

613. Bhuvi,


614. godfather,

If you are really that much in agreement then I urge you to start the big movement :) as it seems you along with a few others are the people posting here for the most part.

615. phoenix009,

Rofl :)

616. Adventure-Time,

Oi, why that tone now? Weren't you also among those who were contributing to this ever growing thread, @Godfather? Not like I wanna start a fight over here, please forgive me if my reply sounds too sharp, just felt like pointing this out, since your rather harsh post directed at Bhuvi gives us a false impression that all this doesn't concern you at all, and you've never been the one posting in here much. Seems just not right to me.
And similar disilusionment goes for other posts of the sort actually. The stuff like you people who love this topic please use the imbox, or now as I recall the past comments where everybody was repeatedly reviving the topic with the same question, wondering about why all these crazy next people keep doing the very same thing as them... :)
True is though that it's a good idea to move on, I mean I'm in full agreement with that as well, hence let'S find out what the next person does now! :D

617. Bhuvi,

The next person will stop poasting here at all. And that next person is me

618. godfather,

I dont see where I implied that I did not post at all, heck this topic was on the top of the list which was why i was like, hey what the heck. Let's do a cupple too. So i dont see how i was harsh, was just pointing out what was obvious to me as it can be clearly seen that @bhuvi was one of the people posting here the most, in fact through the app on this page itself every second-third post down the list is of her so all I said was if she was in agreement then she should do it herself. To clarify, I said 'most' not 'all'. Neither did I anywhere say that I did not do it.

619. cornflakes,

i won't even comment. although i just did. but people just don't know how to leave something alone. If people that harp on how much they hate this topic why not just ignore it. I admit most of my posts on here were cause i was bored but

620. soundarya,

Well, once in a while some fun is ok, and even if people are always posting its not a big deal. but why do people post personal stuff on forum?

621. The-Chaos,

True and well, some people have so much fun commenting even when they enjoy telling others not to post/skip the topic altogether while doing the hypocrisy of doing the same out of sheer boredom, yeah. no wonder it's still ballooning.

Latest edition by The-Chaos, Nov 7 2020 08:19:02

622. soundarya,

I want to clerify that the last post of mine was not in the same topic as that of the-chaos. I was only speaking about those personal discussions of relationship etc which should be probably done in pm.

623. godfather,

Neither was mine. All i said was if somebody enjoying this topic agrees with the fact that it should in this case be done in inbox then it would be best that they start it. It was neither any form of attack nor anger displayed towards anyone.

624. StormProductions,

You're guys starting to fight again. Why is it so damned hard to ignore a thread, and just press that damn down arrow in the list of topics? Why! If you like it, then comment on it, if you don't, then just ignore it, and don't break it please!
The next person is now reinstalling his NVDA.

625. supanut2000,

False. The next person has updated to the Windows 10 October update.

626. Nikola,

You know, that's the best argument you can bring. Actually, why do we need any rules? If we don't like spam, can't we just ignore it?
Also, when it comes to this topic, most of the community did ignore it, for a very long period. But when is enough enough? Not only that, but we already saw a second spam topic created. How long until the third, fourth? The purpose of a forum is clear to anybody who wants to understand, and it certainly isn't to have daily chats or play games, that is why you have 34 beautifully developed games on here, and if that's not enough, a free table where you can socialize all you want.

627. StormProductions,

True. I'm now using the 2004 version.
The next person has just tried the TikTok app.

628. MuhammadHajjar,

False. The next person's father is Indean.

629. ElCamareroDesencamaronilizado ,

false, my father is colombian like me. the next person likes vanilla and chocolate.

630. Mmarina,

I think my suggestion was good enough. If you guys need someone to start the inbox for you, message us on F4.
Too much is too much, as we explained in a previous topic and as it was stated many times, this is not the place for such type of topics. This topic will be now closed.

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