TeamTalk server.

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1. jackson95,

Hello everyone, this TeamTalk server can use for anything you guys want. Server credentials. Host address: ports, 10048 you need an account for the server, so if you want to join, let me know.

2. StormProductions,

Hello there.
I hope this advertisement won't get me in a bad spot here, but I just want to tell you about my platform, Blindie Connect, where you can promote your TeamTalk server and get people in there.
More info here:

3. jackson95,

Maybe I will put it up there.

4. metal_phoenyx,


Unfortunately it seems impossible to submit a server on this site, it gives a 404 Not Found error. Still it's a great idea to try to bring all available servers on one page, it makes things easier. If only it worked properly. :)

I would also be delighted to share my own space with the world, all those interested in having a free account are more than welcome to contact me. Everyone is welcome, all languages accepted.


Latest edition by metal_phoenyx, Oct 14 2020 10:52:37

5. Alan1003,

hello all. you can let me know. forem or pm.

6. StormProductions,


I just found out why the 404 errors happened, and fixed them. Sorry for the inconveniences, and enjoy.

Latest edition by StormProductions, Oct 17 2020 14:54:37

7. Alan1003,

hey, storm productions! i think i see, why you are commenting on this topick! want an account on the surver, you can pm me the info.

8. StormProductions,


The reason I'm commenting here is to let people know about Blindie Connect, the way they can promote their websites, Discord and TeamTalk servers. however if you wanna make an account for me, I'll send the info in your inbox.

9. Youyou.90,

Hi. Thanks for coming up with this idea, this site is awesome! Too bad there is only English. For my part, I am more on discord. Thank you very much again.

10. StormProductions,


If you're willing to translate the website, let me know privately and I'll drop the strings so you can do it.


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