I am back with new name

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1. Emrah20,

My name is Marco Oros. I had some problems in My personal life. Those things are resulted, that I have mistakenly deleted My previous account. So, I have create another, My old account 'Giovani' is out.
I would like to just inform You.

2. godfather,

You had recently left the audiogames forum for similar reasons, if I am not mistaken? If that is indeed the case then welcome back and I am delighted to hear that the challenges that you've been facing have been resolved in such a short span of time.

3. Emrah20,

Yeah. It was, because I have started to move forward, not just on games. I have a lot in school to learn and sometimes this stupid Edupage just sucks, so I am desperated.
It is good, that I have one day of a week school.
And, this previous week was very bad, so I have deleted my account, My mom was at hospital (but not because of Covid19), so It was very bad week.

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