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1. supanut2000,

So, I'm using Whatsapp on iOS, but somehow I found out that it's taking up quite a lot of space, even though I've just clear out those voice messages from group chats and whatnot. I have set the app not to download videos being sent in chats.
How can I free up storage being used by Whatsapp?

2. godfather,

What about backups? It is possible that those are taking up space.

3. supanut2000,

Well, how do I get rid of the Whatsapp chat backups?

4. phoenix009,

Reset your phone, that's the only way I know of, especially considering that there is essentially hardly any way of accessing those unlike in Android. Also, aren't whatsApp backups stored in the cloud?

5. supanut2000,

Yep Whatsapp backups are stored in the cloud. I tried deleting the backup, but that didn't help.

6. Fawaz,

from the settings tab of whatsapp, go to settings then storage, there you can findout exactly what is taking the space.
in the worst case, you can delete app from settings / general / storage then reinstall it. but i am sure you will not be needing that.
good luck.

7. supanut2000,

Well, if I have to delete and reinstall the app, how do I restore my chat data from iCloud?

8. Fawaz,

if you have it backed up you can restore it when you install the app. but you can check that too from settings of whatsapp as well.

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