Anyone else using braille screen input on iOS having this issue?

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1. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

since I came across the braille screen input function on iOS and added it to my VoiceOver rhoter, it has become one of the features I enjoy using the most, as it allows me not to have to worry about typing too slowly or using dictation which I hate. It works really well with the English keyboard and I believe it should work fine with any other languages that have adopted the Latin alphabet. However, I have noticed that, whenever I try to use a keyboard with non-Latin characters, the braille combinations which I use are still translated into English letters. I believe there is a shortcut (a two-finger swipe up if I am not mistaken) that allows one to switch between keyboards, whatever that means, while using braille screen input. It looks like the only keyboard available is English standard unified when I use that though. I wonder if anyone has encountered this particular issue and if there are any resolutions to it.
Thanks in advance.

2. Fawaz,

check from settings / accessibility / voicoever / braille check the braille screen input settings and what input tables you have.
add the languages you need. also make sure you have those keyboards just incase.
it should work fine. you swipe up with 2 fingers when you are in the BSI, or 3 fingers left and right to switch between grade 2 / 1 or 8 dots.
good luck.

3. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Thanks that worked flawlessly.

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