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91. Metamorfo,

hello! My name is Eduardo, I am 14 years old, and I am currently living in Pennsylvania Philadelphia. I like to play online games like Constant Battle, Elemental Kingdom... And I'm also interested in learning a little more English. It is my first participation in the English forum xd

92. paul_mccartney,

Hi! wow, that sounds great. it could be strange, but I don't know many people from the united states in the blinds comunity, being playroom or any networks. Most of the people is from india, turkey, servia, and some other countries. just a curiosity

93. Metamorfo,

Yes, I also don't know anyone who lives where I live.

94. Thalia-Grace,

me either, I don't know many people who lives at the united states, really. just, 5 or 4? somehting like that :D so I have no problem in chating if someone wants to. I think I am an interesting person, but first I have to know you more haha.

95. meowingcat,

I'm Diana and I'm 38 and I'm from Canada.
Citadels is my favorite game, but I also like 1000 miles, backgammon, mexican train, rummy, Dominoes, etc.

96. ColorOfSilence,

Doug Lee, Christian, 53 soon to be 54, Virginia US, software engineer and well-known JAWS scripter and occasional writer of NVDA add-ons and also of other utilities, usually command-line based. Fan of sci fi, coffee, dark chocolate, several types of music ranging from space/new age through rock into symphonic metal but not much rap, and occasionally, player of a few games up here and in other places. Cool topic, this is. And Yoda, I am not. Have fun all.

97. crazy_dreamer,

Hi there. I am a Romanian creature. I like to read, listen to music, learn languages ​​and procrastinate.

98. a-random-spanglish-sspeaker,

long life to procrastinaters

99. Dr.Kelland,

This is Mara Kelland of mushroomfm fame. christened Dr Kelland by Talmadge when I was doing my undegrad in psychology. I like to play monopoly and the trivia games. Also cards when I can find somebody to play wiht. Looking forward to getting to know you al. also musicalmara on elten and twitter shold you want to follow me there.

100. EmeraldSnow,

Black bird,i have seen seen many from there. One of which regularly comes on here

101. hermis501,

Hello everyone. Greetings from Lithuania :) Probably some players know me pretty well, I am long time on playroom, but just today started to read forum discussions :D :D

102. ziniur,

Welcome to QCGC forums then! :D

103. Mohammedradwan2003,

i am knnown as mohammed radwan, i am from cairo, turned 18 recently, studying translation from english to arabic and the opposite, i am happy to chat with everyone, i like music, computers, making friends, learning languages, socializing and technology, i am the 5th on blind people in the arab republic of egypt for the secondary school year 2020 2021. i like games for sure.

104. unolover,

i am amanda and i love to playgames and make friends

105. Michaelgta5,

Same here, @unolover.

106. el_viejito,

Hi! I am José andré, 16 years old at the moment. I was born in bolivia, although II'm currently living in the United States, Washington DC specifically. I like to play a lot of games in my computer, that's why I love the Playroom as well! also for those who are interested, I'm a jazz pianist. The thing that I really love is to make new friends every day. anyone who wants to talk to me or know me better, please send me a private or permanent message. I hangout usually in the spanish playroom, but I'm here sometimes, not all the time due to studies and things from school. If your saying to yourself, what is this guy's nickname? it is from a frute that some of my friends eat called Albaricoque, so thats why I show up here as "Albaricoque65". Greetings!

107. estrello-motopapi,

Hi everyone! My name is Facundo, I am 16 years old and I live in Uruguay. I like basketball, football, listen to music and above all have a good time with my friends. I love chocolate and although sometimes it is difficult for me to start a conversation if someone wants to talk I have open private

108. ibraheemmohsen,

hi friends i am ibraheem mohsen from saudi arabia and this is my first post in the forum
I like 1000miles, dominos and quise party

109. gaisgeach_marbhtach,

After long time no enter here, christmas holidays made me install playroom again

110. Mohammedradwan2003,

because of uno tournament and prizes i think

111. gaisgeach_marbhtach,

No no no no lol: very rusty in uno. James-quechup can afirme it

112. dragonoid,

forgive the off topic, but @gaisgeach, I sent you a friend request

113. gaisgeach_marbhtach,

Ah let me see.

114. slannon,

I'm Chris. I'm from Houston Texas and am the person behind the Chris Wright YouTube channel where I demo all kinds of audio games. I'm not opposed to talking to new people, all I ask is you don't cause issues. I have no patience or time for people and their childishness.

115. mahdiAbedi,

I'm Mahdi Abedi, owner of, and daily life game.
I'm 18 and studying English translation in university. I was in dramas and flamewars in forums and all blind comunities, but as time passed, my attention to fights and dramas has been decreased. I've had a lot of contentions but now I just want to leave peacefully without any contentions. I like mostly eastern musics, instruments, turkish and spanish languages, and of corse, coding! i'm in the blind vurtual comunities and games for almost five years, and got so much experiences. for example I can't trust people like five years ago :(. I mostly don't care about capital letters at the beginning of each word and for that I have so much spelling errors :). If there's any questions, your feal free to ask me and i'll reply as soon as possible.
have a nice time!

116. crazy_dreamer,

I introduced myself above, but I got bored and decided to extend my presentation. So.
My name is Diana, and I am from Romania. I like to listen to music, read, write, and learn languages.
Writing is a very good way for me to express what I feel/think, because I am one of the people who express themselves better by writing than by speaking.
When we talk about reading, the types of books that I read the most are psychology, fantasy, and criminology, mostly involving a detective.
My favorite musical genres are rap, hip hop and related, as well as pop, although I still listen to other musical genres. But like every human, I have my favorite musical genres.
So far I speak Romanian which is my native language, English, and Spanish.
I am learning Polish, Hungarian and German. Yes, a bit complicated seen from the outside, and it is sometimes but yeah.
I'm quite shy, but if you start the conversation, we'll talk :)
You usually find me more in the Hispanic part, although I am usually around here, but very rarely

117. Eithan,


Was browsing through this topic and thought to drop by with my own intro. :)

I am an awkward 22 years old bookworm, an avid reader of fantasy and selective light sci-fi books. I also am a Graphic Audio geek, though I was more of a geek before a lot of the cast I got used to made a mass departure.

My favorite games are RPGs or certain strategy-based card games. If you drop me in a fast-paced action/fighting game I'd flounder. I also am really into tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Mistborn Adventure Game, though I'm still trying to get used to the latter.

I am mostly an idle playroom user. I just come in to chat and check the forums, so I can't really speak of any skill at most of the games here mainly because I haven't even tried them.

Cheers and I'm sorry if this was somewhat long :)

118. indianamaskar,

Yo guys! ????
Nice to meet all of you! My name is Yana and I'm from Ukraine. The most famous thing about me is I like Indian culture. ???? I happened to visit this colourful country and to see its briliant people!
Apart from India, I'm interested in German songs as well as German language. I'm opened for everyone over here! ????
I'll be glad to talk to you and make new friends over the world!

Thank you! ????

119. el_viejito,

@indianamascar, were defenitely agree on that! I'll be glad to meet you somemore!

120. carinchen97,

Hi, I am Carina 24 years old and from Germany.

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