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1. Metamorfo,

Hi. I don't know if there is already a forum for this matter, if there is please let me know. I have a question about Duolingo. I'm trying to answer the questions, the options appear. they say it's for me to type the answer, but I can't find the edit field.

2. Adventure-Time,

Hey, it really depends on which device do you use Duolingo on, as for some reason the app looks quite different on each device. Generally when you're told to write something, especially in the first levels of a skill, you get a set of words to choose from, so you're rather clicking buttons instead of typing the answer yourself. When using the website on the computer, you can click on "use keyboard" so the words are replaced with the standard edit field. On the phone it seems to be possible only sometimes, from what I saw one can do this only with the languages that use a completely different alphabet such as Korean or Chinese. In later levels the lessons are supposed to get harder and you'll only get the edit field to type in the answer, without the possibility to switch. I'm not sure if I understood your problem correctly, maybe I'm explaining to you something totally obvious and there's rather some technical problem preventing the keyboard from appearing as it should. I haven't encountered such problem myself if this is the case.

3. Metamorfo,

Hello! Thanks for the answer, that was my problem.
After I had posted my question, I tried to form the sentences by clicking on the options.
I'm using duolingo through the computer, on the website. Thank you for replying.

4. Thalia-Grace,

oh, hi hahaha.
Yeah, in the firsts levels, you can choose the words to make the sentenses, you can choose the words in a list. Anyway I think there's an option there that allows you to write by yourself in an edit text field instead of choose the words of a list, but when you level up in an unit, the lists will be removed and you'll have to write by yourself in an text edit field. It's easy, search the edit field pressing the e key if you use NVDA or JAWS, when you find it, enter ther, write and just press enter ton confirm. It's really an accessible and useful app (or website on the computer) So I really recomend it haha.
Good luck.

5. evalinde,

What languages do you guys learn on duolingo?

6. Metamorfo,

I'm learning English.

7. crazy_dreamer,

me too

8. Thalia-Grace,

I was learning english there, but anyway, I never have finished it, or advanced so much. I learned Almost everything I know without any applications or websites, but anyway, duolingo was a little helpful for me hahaha. Especially for the pronunciation exercises and that. It was nice to practize, really. And very accessible hahaha

9. paul_mccartney,

I love that application. The only one problem there is, is that you can learn english, portugues and some other languages wich haven't simbols when you have to write. I tryed to learn turkish, but there are some simbols and I need to learn these if I want to write correctly, but talkback can't read them...

10. ashishchhetri,

Can we use this app in ofline?

11. paul_mccartney,

Yes you can, but you have to be a premium suscription to download the courses ofline

12. dragonoid,

i use it to learn swedish, greek and latin

13. Thalia-Grace,

wooo, they aren't comon languages... You are learning intersting languages really! Congrats, not everyone starts learning languages like the ones you said haha

14. Vojvoda,

Thanks to this post I returned to learning spanish lol, find it much faster through my pc than phone, though phone app seems more accessible, at least the course menus.

15. Adventure-Time,

I wouldn'T say that the phone app is more accessible. The only problem with the website is that there are two lines which look empty but in fact they open different menus, though that's quite simple to figure out and the rest is pretty accessible again (recently there was an issue with some buttons not being immediately detected by screen readers but they finally fixed it). I don't like Duolingo that much, but I believe it's a great helping tool in the beginning, as well as when combined with other methods of learning. It gave me a good base with Russian when I started learning the language, and nowadays I stop by sometimes to learn some new words in Spanish for fun and to explore other languages. It depends a lot on the courses, some are quite well made and the tips and notes are helpful, while some are not that great and contain lots of weird phrases and confusing translations. And sometimes the app itself isn't yet designed for learning some language type, the Mandarin course for instance isn't so misleading but doesn't work the best with Duolingo and learning with it can definitely feel frustrating when being the only source. But then again, it's wrong in general to use one single and nonliving source for learning a language, no matter if it's duolingo or a textbook. And any additional source helps you advance further, and when you truly love the language and have a motivation to learn, anything can work.

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16. Thalia-Grace,

when I was using it, for me, at least for me, at that time, the pc website was more accessible in my opinion. the app was accesible too, but well, it changed and ended being, a little, uh? less accessible than the website haha. I don't know if the website changed too, I should check it again. but the website is really really easy to use, at least it e as while I was using the app, I don't know how is it right now. at that time for me use the website was more confortable, especially because I could write with the keyboard, and select and end the lessons very very faster than with the phone, but well. I don't know if now the website has changed liek the aplicatino or continues being exactly the same haha.

17. evalinde,

Interesting. So why these languages, Dragonoid?

18. dragonoid,

well, evalinde, it's just of my interest and love for learning languages. I'll send you a friend request and we'll talk about it. :smile:

19. phoenix009,

I'm trying to learn German.

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