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1. dragonoid,

hello everyone... In this thread, i invite you to post your teamtalk servers, or other teamtalk servers that you recommend for me and possibly the others, so we can hopefully make more friends! Thanks and i'm excited to meet all of you

2. StormProductions,

Hi there,
Not sure if you know about it, but Blindie Connect is a great repository of both TeamTalk and Discord servers. We're adding servers as soon as we get them, so later on, if you found a great server, ask its owner to post it.
More info here:

3. dragonoid,

the thing is, some servers there don't work

4. dj-mjd,

I have to share my team talk on this site, it is called laradiomjd. you can connect now, the server stays up 24 hours a day
teank and enjoy
port: 10333 username and password, blanque

5. dragonoid,

thanks for sharing

6. StormProductions,


Please email us at with the servers that don't work and we'll email the owners.


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