Teamtalk 5 QT client issue

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1. supanut2000,

Hi all,
So, after I heard that the classic Teamtalk 5 client is going to be discontinued, I decided to try and switch over to the QT version of Teamtalk.
However I come across one issue. The push-to-talk seems to be broken on the installed version somehow. No matter what hot key I assigned, it simply will not work.
Strangely enough, push-to-talk works absolutely fine on the portable version.
Any idea on how to get push-to-talk working in the QT version of Teamtalk?

2. ColorOfSilence,

Interesting. I just yesterday reported that using both shifts at once does not work; that's what I use in Classic. I was not aware that other combinations might not work. Did you try something simple like F12 in Qt?

3. supanut2000,

Oh yes, that actually works!
I still wonder why my old key combination, (ctrl+right shift in this case), works on the portable version but not on the installed version.

4. ColorOfSilence,

From an email chat, it appears that the 64-bit Qt client can't do multi-key shortcuts for push-to-talk; but the portable Qt client can. I have not verified this, but it sounds like you could work around the issue that way for now. There is a possibly related issue on Github but I don't have a link, just the number - #877, presumably in the TeamTalk GitHub repo.

5. supanut2000,

I see. Hopefully the issue is fixed in the next update or something.

6. Ixneuxneu,

for now we don't know if the issue can be fixed in TT, or if it's a Qt issue, we're investigating on it with the main TT developer.
You can find the issue still opened on GitHub here:
And, another issue where we've talked a litle more about this issue, here:

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