about me, this is my second post.

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1. Rashed20 ,

Hello my knownly peeps!
I am rashed again from sweet country, Bangladesh.
This is my second post in play room.
Now I would like to share more about myself.
First of all, welcome to my post.
I am MD Rashed.
I am 20 years old.
I would love to chat and make friendship with all.
I am knowledge hunger.
I always love to know about you all.
Because, I am a self motivator.
If you think that, You are going to depration.
If you want, You can feel free to share with me.
What happened with you?
What's rong with you?
You can share with me as a friend, as a brother.
That you can feel comfortable to share with me.
I will try to give you positive and good suggession.
That will make you stronger, Bravo, Curious, Knowledge hunger wise as well.
May be I am not perfect motivator.
But I am still learning regular from you all.
I can speak in Bangla and English.
So If you want, You can share your thoughts and plan to me with your trust.
I will not break that, Promise.
Or if you want to talk to me for sharing your reason of your frustration, Depration and your boundaryless curisity, You can.
All ends, thanks all for reading my post.
If you want to give me any positive commends, Please do it.
Thanks all.

2. MuhammadHajjar,

Welcome to the community bro. I hope you have a nice time in here.

3. Rashed20 ,

o sure thanks.

4. phoenix009,

Great to have you here bro!

5. Rashed20 ,

thanks bro

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