how you motivate yourself?

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1. Rashed20 ,

Hello my dear fellows.
You all are fit.
This is believe, Not hope.
I am trying to keep me cool.
Anyway, Come to the point.
Today I am gonna talk about ourself.
First of all, We are man.
Then We have a individual self introduction.
Like, I am rashed.
I am a student.
Then, I am a citizen of a country.
Then I am a son of those ETC.
So, Everybody has above all this things.
And after that, We have a pure and soft mind.
That is very neaten.
although, somebodies mind are so cheaf and unclear.
But it will depend on your character, your attitude.
How your mind will be.
Anyway, Do you know?
How much elements of mind?
If you know before this, Thats good.
Or if you don't know, No problem.
I am telling yours.
Mind has three types of elements.
There are:

  1. Ego.
  2. Super Ego.
  3. And 3. id.
    Now We will know, Whats defferents among them?
    First, Ego.
    Ego is a element of mind.
    It is very importent for everyone.
    By this element, We can thought a good thing in our mind.
    Second, Super Ego.
    It is most importent.
    Because of, Your mind is good or not.
    It depends on Super Ego.
    It presents in midlist of elements of your mind.
    It is newtral.
    It has been control by Powerful element of your mind.
    Suppose, You are a pious.
    You are doing all good regular according to your Ego.
    So, Your super Ego will be controled by this element.
    And if you are bad.
    I mean, If you are doing something bad regularly.
    It means, Your super Ego will be controled by id.
    Hope that, Everybody can understand this very well.
    If you don't understand, Express your curisity with me.
    Now the last one is, id.
    It's totally bad.
    Whose are doing something bad regularly.
    Their id is so powerful.
    It means, Their mind is so cheaf and unclear.
    Whatever, Thats it.
    Ok guise I wanted to write something more.
    But I can not do it now.
    Because, I have college.
    So i will have to be prepeard for this.
    This topic has manythng more to understand very well.
    But I can't right now.
    Sorry for that.
    All ends, thanks everyone to read this post with your curisity to still end.
    bye for now, will be back with a initiative post for you.

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