Profit and lose

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1. Rashed20 ,

Hello Curious Palse!
I am Rashed speaking from deepest of your pure mind.
The last day, I was talking about [True friendship].
But now adays, I am gonna discuss about [Profit and lose].
Yes, profit and lose.
We are always try to find out what is our profit and lose.
It’s true that, if we want to do something then we have to find out what is our profit.
But in my point of view, I think that if we want to so something better in our life.
Then we have to give time as much as possible.
Even in my every new post, I did that.
We have to give time if we want to see our profit.
Such as, I am writing this post for improving my English basic skills.
I know, there have my profit.
I am following our honorable Razib Ahmed sir guidelines.
And I am very happy for this.
Because now I am seeing my improvement.
By the way, Lets introduce MR Rajib Ahmed sir with yours.
He is my Honorable guide teacher of a facebook group.
He gaves us some advice for improving our English skill.
Though still I am very weak in English.
That's why, I want to achieve more skills.
Some people didn’t listen what Razib Ahmed sir saying.
Because they thought it is an unhelpful task for us.
But sir didn’t care about them.
Because he knew that, He is right and we may be achieve our skills by this type of post.
So, always don't try to find out what is profit and lose.
Some times try to give some times for justify this.
Then you can be sure about that.
All ends, Thanks for reading this post.

2. Vojvoda,

You may want to open your personal blog brother, or ask admins to create a special room here on the forum for you.

3. Rashed20 ,

Thanks for your advice bro.
But i dont think so I need this type of facility.
I love to write about any of my favorite topic.
And i will do it more.
Because of, If someone benifited by me and my post.
So i will feel so glad.
If you like my post, You can visit my previous post.

4. Vojvoda,

Thanks, I'll do it, and you definitely should do it more often.

5. Rashed20 ,

yes sure.

6. phoenix009,

Hi dude.

Though your posts are quite good, I'd suggest you make a blog for yourself rather than write in this forum constantly.
Some might consider it spammy.
Besides, more people will be able to read it on a blog, and it will be more organized.
You can use services such as wordpress or blogger if you aren't able to pay.

7. Rashed20 ,

Thanks my dear fellow.
Actually, I would like to just give some information and some good advice my friend and all curious of play room.
Like : Yours, Who follow my post and give some positive commends on my post.
Really I let you thank.
But I am not interested to create a blog side.
But if one day any admin count my post as spam.
I will stop doing my post here.
And I will feel so sad.
All ends, thanks for give me a good suggation.

8. SheWolf,

I see it as bothering and spamming the quentin. While it is gaming platform, these topics are not appropriate and belong more to blog or other personal site.

9. Rashed20 ,

thanks for your commends.
I am stoping this.

10. EmeraldSnow,

Rashed what is going on with your blog you made? Is it not working? You could always also use social media like facebook groups or tweet with hashtags.

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