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1. Rashed20 ,

Hello knowledge hunger!
I am rashed, Your knownly fellow.
I am doing post in play room regularly.
But now I want to know your interest.
That I will write about.
So, Who follow my post.
Just given your intersted topic.
I will write my next post about that.
Thats it for now.
Coming soon.

2. Tiger_Krrish,

You started to spam the forums.

3. Rashed20 ,

How I spam the foram?

4. Mohammedradwan2003,

i like your topics and i am sad that you are miss treated by some stupid people on the forum who does not care about what you say and think that you are spammy, these people should be held by the head, swing by the tail, and thrown to a trashcan, each word you say is useful, i am interested in everything

5. StormProductions,

Mohammedradwan2003, it would be great if you would stop insulting other people.

6. Rashed20 ,

Thanks my dear all friends.
Really I am feeling so happy for getting seport from yours.
Thanks alot for inspire me.
I will continue my duty without any profit.
But if one day any admin count my post as spam, Really I will feel so sad and heard broken.
But after that all, I will be happy to think that, You all were with me.
All ends, Thanks for your valueable commends.
Really I am satisfied by your commends.
Really I am so animate to you all.

7. magnumHurricane,

@Mohammedradwan2003 Thanks for painting such a lovely immagery that I'm sure all of us who were expecting another rendition of insiteful and spiritual knowledge(as is the nature of these topics) really appreciated. More to the point, I second the idea of something like a blog being created to act as a central hub for all your thoughts, as those are the kind of things which best sute you when you're trying to document your thoughts down in a way that people read (and hopefully learn) from them. If that does not work for you hoewver, might I suggest slightly toaning down the frequencyof your posts? Perhaps let people digest and even respond to the things you've already written? This might even spark interesting intelectual and knowledgeable discussions that evne you might love to participate in and get to learn from. Other than that, great job motivating us with your words. Not everyone has the courage to put what they think out there for others to see, for fear of being judged usually.
Good luck.

8. BlindMusicGirl,

I enjoy your posts. I agree with what someone else said about starting a blog. :) Keep on the good work.

9. Rashed20 ,

thanks all for seport me
stay in touch

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