Nothing is permanent in the world

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1. Rashed20 ,

Hello my dear peeps!
I optimistic that, You are fit and fine due to covid-19 bye the infinit marcyful, Benevolent, Omnipotent.
This is believe, Not hope.
And yah, I am so well by your prayers.
Before this post, I wanted to know your interest.
But Unfortunately I didnt get any reply of yours.
Anyway, I am just doing my duty by give you some knowledge from me.
Today I am gonna talk about a phrase.
This is, Nothing is permanent in the world.
Nothing is permanent in the world.
Do you believe this?
Yes, It's right.
Because in our world everything is temporary.
one time it's decay.
If we see our physical condition, our beuty, youth, nothing is permanent.
one day our beuty will die, our physical condition will be worst position.
Our strength and energy will be die one day.
Like,our condition is not permanent.
It can be changed in future.
Sometimes when we go through difficult time, seems to be our life is end, And fell depressed.
But remember nothing is permanent.
So that bad time is not permanent one day we will be see God day inslallh.
Every times, firstly we have to faith on God.
Secondly we have too Keep confidence with wonself.
Always, keep to hope that nothing is permanent.
not my bad situation is only change and good situation knock to my door.
So, everyone thanks for reading my post till the end.
And best wishes for you.
Have a good day.

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