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1. QueenBella666,

Attention all,

I have an entry level business class laptop to be sold. It is a Dell Latitude 3500 from 2018. Specs are below:

Condition is pretty good. Has no dents or scratches on the casing.
Asking $300-385 USD. free shipping included US only. If anyone wants to buy the laptop but is not in the US, then they will have to pay the shipping fees as I am not going to pay shipping fees since I really need the money.
NVDA and jaws in 40 minute mode installed. charger included. If interested, you can contact me at or via inbox message on here . I accept only paypal and google pay.

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2. StormProductions,

It's bad that you're only accepting US shipping. I'm not from the US.

3. breaker,

Same, I want to get it too, but I am from Turkey.

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