Good meaning of life.

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1. Rashed20 ,

Hello my dear all peeps!
Gentle members!
How are you all?
I optimistic that, You all are safe from bads.
And Ya, I am pleased.
Actually I can not come here for doing a post in play room.
Because, I was very busy being my study.
Whatever, I am looking for good meaning of life.
About our life your sharp opinion.
Sometimes life is bizarre entity.
Many of us didn't get exact meaning of life.
Although it's tough to find.
But for surving we have to live with dignity.
You may bring your honour by your good social activities and your modest behaving.
It's a really sorrow matters that, so many literates persons in our sorrounding can't good behaving.
Can do this by avoiding negative remarks that may insult someone else.
The general rule is- if you don’t want someone to speak about you that way, you don’t speak about them to others.
We can do more meaningful of our life by our good manners.
Thats it for now.
Will be back with an interesting post.
Till than, Stay well and stay safe.
Good Luck!

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