Meaning of life second part

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1. Rashed20 ,

Hello my super learner friends!
I am your close friend, rashed.
Today I am gonna talk about life.
This is my second post on this topic.
Some times I thought about our little life.
Some times i would be serprice.
Some times I would be confuse.
Whatever happens in life, let's not give up.
Because giving up is not an option.
As a human being we must have to have a dream and we've to so dedicated to fulfill that dream.
Cause we're here just for short time and the universal truth is one day we'll be gone and never come back the world again.
So this is an once time to live and to take a breath.
It's okay you're broken, it's okay now you're thirty years old.
But not success yet.
Accept yourself and keep working hard.
Never ever show excuse in life.
Cause only loser shows excuse and winner are maker winner and game changer.
If you want to make history believe in yourself and love whatever, you do then one at a time.
You'll be able to make history.
Be ready to accept everything even the hurts time.
The reason is everything happens for a reason and nothing happen without any reason.
Just remember life is a journey and there'll be so many obstacles in life.
Mind it, Life is not a bed of roses.
Life is a game of competetion.
So only you've to know how to be a winner.
You're the leader of your life.
It's simple of being neglected by others.
But you know what? All the successful person firstly they being insulted by others.
However, Who is a winner they always ready to fight.
But not against others rather they fight against themselves.
You're the best version of yourself.
And you're unique.
So why not different.
Obviously you can lead your live differently.
Cause you're created by different ways.
If you look out you'll be in vain to figure out.
The person who'll be same as like as you.
If you have many brothers and sisters, they'll not be same like you.
So you're definitely unique.
On the other hand, it's true that life has so many ups and downs.
But you know what? What makes you alive?
Just dare to live everyday and believe this might be my last day.
Don't wait for tomorrow
Cause tomorrow know nothing about you and m.
Sso why should we wait for tomorrow. The moment we take a deep breath this is our moments.
Anyway, never forget to be an honest person cause honestly is the best policy.
Be always happy and spread that happiness with others.
OK guise Thats it for now.
Will be back with a new topic.

2. magnumHurricane,

Just in case you did not know, you are able to reply to posts that you make by pressing 'ctrl+r' within the forum topic itself. HTH! :)

3. Rashed20 ,

Hello dear friend!
I would like to let you know that, I can reply any one.
But After that, thanks for tell me this.

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