This is my last post in play room.

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1. Rashed20 ,

Hello my respectfully inspirer!
I am Rashed from Bangladesh.
I think, I am not unknown person to somebodies of you here.
Anyway, I am introducing myself with you with a few words.
I am Rashed from Bangladesh.
I am a student of college.
I am coming with a post regular here.
Anyway now come to the main point.
I came to you today with a heart overflowing with grief.
I did many post here.
Some of you are reading that regularly.
First of all, I would like to say thanks for reading my post and inspire me by your valueable commends.
But now I decite that, I will stop this.
Though some of you are getting benifit from this.
But I have nothing to do, sorry.
I will have to stop this.
Because of, Somebodies are getting bore by me and my needless post.
Actually I didnt understand that, I will be a reason of your disturb.
So I am really extremely sorry for disturbing you all.
Perdon me please!
I will not do it again.
This is my last post in play room.
So forgive me please according to your kindness.
And i am sorry to my near and dear curious, superb, maritorious, Knowledge hunger, wisedom, life changer, moment changer good reader take my feelings.
I am feeling sad.
I will have to stop doing post in play room.
I feel better when i write something.
I can express my feelings, mind word, anger or happiness by this.
My some good friend give me a good suggestion for making a blog side for this.
That you told me before this.
I am always positive minded.
So I am taking this positively.
Who inspire me, Really I am always ready for dedicate my free time for yours.
You can message me at any time at any reason.
I am always yours.
I will start my work for creating a blog side for continue my duty very soon.
So no more now.
Stay well, Stay happy and always keep smile on your sweet face.
Bye dear, Sad face sad face sad face sad face.

2. the-chaos,

actually, it would have been better if you made just one topic and posted there. just a suggestion.

3. Rashed20 ,

Thanks for your suggestion.
Actually i decite that, I will not continue my writing in play room.
but if some one ask me anything or want ed to know anything to me, I will reply them if i know about that.

4. Naday,

it's true that this is rather a public forum, more than a personal blog and if many people did not reply to your posts is because they come here to discuss about different topics or about playroom, not about only a person or... I wanted to say a random topic, but truth is that there are many random topics here and they do have comments. Please don't take it wrong if not many people react to your posts, sadly, we have had people who spam here and they become just annoying, so it's very common that some of us will see your posts and think it's just some more spam, although it isn't. I know you a bit for the few messages we have exchanged and I know you're a genuine person interested to know other people and interested to find a place, after all, who doesn't want to do that when is new somewhere? :)
As I told you some weeks ago, I welcome you to playroom and I do hope you will enjoy your time here. Don't keep yourself from posting but, if I can suggest, just post things when it's nothing too personal and it is true that you should consider opening your own blog, I see you like to write a lot and then, maybe, you could post about your blog on Playroom. Maybe if there was some topic for people to share their websites, or their material, although I'm not sure it's allowed because public advertisement is, I think, forbidden here.
Just remember that whatever you post, this is rather a public forum with different topics and if every person would write about themselves, it would be very, very spammy.
There was a topic to introduce ourselves, you could have posted it there easily, by replying to the topic. Because yes, sometimes replying is better than creating more messages than can become, as I said, spammy.
Please, again, don't take it wrong if no people replies to your posts. It's simply not the nature of this forum and I'm sure you will find yourself here with time. :)
Have a great time here!

5. SheWolf,

Maybe you should create own website on facebook. It is for free and you can add and motivate more people, or make some blog for example at blogspot or wordpress and write your thinks there. Am also blogger and amateur writer, but quentin is mainly for players and topics related to games etc. Of course you can find here whatever, but it is not often, thus your activity is a bit unusual.
Seriously think about creating something own, own website or blog or write a book or something, or create mail group where you can motivate people, or make some team talk server, where you can discuss about everything. You have plenty of posibilities and quentin isn't is totally the right place.

6. Rashed20 ,

Hmm I am thinking about this things.
Anyway, Thanks both of you for sharing your knowledge with me.

7. paul_mccartney,

hey! your posts are really interesting. I know some people can be anoyed about them, but I really love reading your posts. You seem to be a person who have a lot of knowledge and things to share and tell, so if you continue doing it in a blog or something, please report it here, I will be pleased to follow you and read your posts. I recommend you use facebook, it is totally free and you can create a page there. that's more, people can share their opinions and points of view comenting on your posts, and if they want to, they can share and you can be a good writer. I would like to motivate to do this because I love reading blogs and topics of interest. regards bro!

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8. Rashed20 ,

First of all, Thanks for commenting here.
Actually I am thinking about it.
But I need more time for do it complete.
Because, I am busy being my study and some personal activities.
I promise to you all, I will be back with new enter face.
And I will share my tech knowledge with you all.
Wait for me and my post here.
I will share my facebook page or blog site.

9. YNWA,

These kind of blogs are subjective and are not for everybody and that's one of the reasons why we have in-boxes. I could put up a football one, some will love it others will hate it. This is why the the PR plays group or audio dramas as some call it kept their group private after they had enough coverage. I didn't mind reading about it as I like radio plays but not everybody does and that's the same for your blogs.

10. Rashed20 ,

Hmm, I agree with you.
Anyway, Thanks for your commends.

11. sound2,

I can only agree with what everyone else has said here. Blogs and lists work well for special interest groups. I'm not into the whole motivational speaking kind of thing, so the posts didn't mean anything to me. I also like audio dramas, but am a bit shy when it comes to voice chat.

12. Rashed20 ,

Hmm I am thinking for it.
Hope that everybody will get it soon.
Thanks for your commends.

13. EmeraldSnow,

so rashed, have you done a blog? waa'ss going on..
would be interesting to know what happened.

14. Rashed20 ,

15. EmeraldSnow,

Nice blog.

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