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1. Aminiel,


As you know, arcade mode has been launched with our first title, Magic Blocks.

One of the objectives of the arcade mode is to open the playroom to third partie developers.
We are therefore recruiting audiogame developers, who would be ready to start this new adventure with us.

AS this is also something totally new for us, we ask you to be serious, responsible and honest, and that you already have experience in development.
Let's make it clear: we won't be there to teach you how to program, and script kiddies just there for hacking aren't welcome.

Arcade game development in the playroom is made with AngelScript, currently in version 2.35.1. Syntax is very similar to C++, but learning it shouldn't be a big problem if you already programmed in another object-oriented programming language like Java, C# or even Python.
AngelScript is also the language used by BGT, but API at your disposal aren't identical, only syntax and base structures are the same. If your programming experience is BGT only, you are probably going to have hard time.

How to apply ?

Start by introducing yourself, by telling who you are, what the playroom represents for you, and why would you like to join us.
What motivates you ? No need to write a novel, a few lines can be sufficient.

To put your application forward, tell us what you have already developed, be it in the topic of gaming or not at all. Post links to your projects if you can.
Any reference is interesting to help us trust you, even if what you usually do isn't related to audiogames.

You can post your application directly in this topic, in french or in english.
For those who would post in french, note that, for practical reasons, all communications related to arcade development will be in english afterwards.

Unjustified or incomplete applications, or with a botched presentation, won't be taken into account.
For this first session, we plan to keep on going with about 4 to 6 people and in any case less than 10, so do your best to maximize your chances in case there are a lot of applicants !

At the end of this first wave of recruitement, a private forum reserved to developers will be opened.
It will allow to discuss all development aspects, from first game ideas up to their elaboration, without forgetting of course all technical questions. Informations will also be distributed via this forum.

IF you want to build something with us, and if you have the necessary competences, come and join us !

Thank you in advance for your messages

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2. magnumHurricane,

Greetings, fellow playroom dwellers.
I am Aarush bhat, from this rather massive sub-continent known as India.
I am currently in the final year of my high school, looking forward rather excitedly to finishing up and heading off to uni
My hobbies include but are most certainly not limited to, reading, writing, music in all shapes and forms, and not to mention programming. In fact, I think that last one is much more than a hobby for me, way too significant to be classified under that category. It is something that I love to do and would love to continue to be doing. That is why the plan is to study computer science in university as well.
I have been coding for the better part of 4 years now, starting around the time I made an account on this playroom or more accurately, when I became active.
Playroom has been a lot for me. It was one of the first if not the first social interaction platforms that I ever got the chance to be a part of. Therefore, the learning experiences were in abundance. There also of course, were all the amazing people I met and am connected with to this day. Many of which shared interests with me. I learnt a lot from them, a big chunk of the basic programming fundamentals and principles that I try desperately to hold onto to this day for instance, were implanted and drilled into me thanks to these people.
There of course were a lot of things that were not as pleasant, but even the harshness I think, taught me a whole lot. It exposed me to the world in its true colour, and helped me become a better, more mature and thoughtful human being overall.
As I previously stated, I have been coding for just about 4 years now, primarily in python. I have done several courses on popular mooc platforms like corserra and edX (these including the python programming series by MITX on EDX, or cs50 by Harvard university), etc. The idea was to strengthen the foundations of my knowledge and test what I learnt through real-life challenging problem solving instances. Apart from that, I keep engaging myself in internships or projects that I can take on for others, in order to help them (and the world at large), in some way. For instance, quite recently I worked with a popular Indian educational institution known as vedantu, to make the stem curriculum that they offer accessible to assistive technology such as screen-readers. I have also worked with other companies as intern, helping them out with tech projects, most commonly things such as coding web applications(the demand of which seems to be quite high these days).
Once I realized the true depth of how powerful and helpful technology was capable of being however, I started working on a lot of other solo projects as well. Unfortunately, I haven't released a whole lot to the public at large on my own so far, but that is very likely to change in the coming days as one of said solo projects (related to accessible stem, which as may have been obvious, I am a strong advocate of), is currently in its testing phase and should also be followed up by several others.
There is one thing that I do seem to recall publishing to the audiogames community however, back in 2020. It was a small little program I threw together upon being inspired from a live stream. The link to which is the following:
Other than that, as stated previously, I try to keep myself engaged in programs or utilities that benefit the community at large somehow, as inclusivity and accessibility is something that I am a firm believer of and strongly promote.
I think that technology holds the key to making this world more inclusive and open-minded towards one another, and this is one of the few things that keeps me up at night, keeps me motivated, and going through turmoil and hardships.
So, although admittedly I have not done a whole lot of game design/development(concepts such as object oriented programming are not at all a foreign idea to me--in fact I use it on a daily bases however), I am willing to broaden my horizon, learn, and contribute to this massive platform which I think sets a great example of how communities should exist inclusively, sited, blind, all alike.

I believe my rambles have taken enough of your time therefore, I will conclude by expressing once more, my enthusiasm and excitement at the prospect of being able to play a part in the betterment of this amazing inclusive platform, and to work alongside a developer who has been a role model for me with regards to programming and harnessing its true capabilities.
This is Aarush bhat, signing off.
Stay safe, stay inclusive.
Thank you

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