why is my hard drive not working

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1. Alan1003,

so, i got my harddrive and sinced it with a bt sinc folder, but i woke up and now it is beeping like a truck what do I do

2. Stealthy,

If the data is important, then send it to a data recovery, if not, then probably chuck it in the trash.

3. ethan714,

that logic works if you have an external drive, not really fits the normal computer hard drive.
since the information given doesn't specify if it's an external or internal hard drive, I can't say that that suggestion can really be given. That's just my opinion.

4. Alan1003,

it is exturnal

5. JMouse,

Get all your data that you need off of that drive and toss it in the trash and get a new one. Should you need to, put it in the freezer for like 24 to 48 hours, get your data off of it and then throw it away.

6. EmeraldSnow,

Lool freezer.

7. Mortem,

Everything about this thread is so funny.

8. JMouse,


9. Stealthy,

Freezing the drive is a myth, do not do it.

10. StormProductions,

Bottom line, modern hard drives aren't vulnerable to the lubrication issues that are resolvable by freezing. You'll find that most of the time a hard drive fails because of a logical rather than a hardware issue. So freezing a hard drive does nothing but potentially destroy the hard drive permanently.

11. Alan1003,

well I'm gonna have to freez it. beep, beep, beep, beep. I also have a 64gb stick but that's all

12. DarkAlireza,

LMAO This is funny af

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