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1. ethan714,

I was wondering if anybody had upgraded yet to the new windows 11? And if you have, how does it work for stuff like Jaws or NVDA? I was curious if anybody knew before upgrading myself.
I don't want to upgrade if it messes stuff up for screen readers.

2. YNWA,

Not tried out windows 11 yet but Jaws said they are working on it and will have something for Jaws 22.

3. Mmarina,

I personally do not have any problems here, using latest version of NVDA.
Adobi reader is not working though which is so strange for me considering it's a monopoly when it comes to PDF. The work around is to run it as administrator and then using the open option from the file menu.
However, nothing is really new or interesting for the daily use. It just feels like windows 10 with different sounds and visuals for the sighted.

4. supanut2000,

I haven't tried it either, going to wait for maybe a couple more NVDA releases to ensure that Windows 11 support is as smooth and stable as it can be.

5. metal_phoenyx,

hello all,

First of all, as already said here, 11 is very similar to 10. A few things have changed, mainly the start menu, the taskbar, and definitely the Settings App. However, nothing is going to stop you from being as productive as before, as long as you are open to learning how to do certain things differently.

Two more things:

1. Adobe Reader is definitely not the only pdf handler. It's always been a real pain! I stopped using it years ago and never looked back. If the person having problems is interested, we can of course talk more about this in private, I don't want to clutter the forum.

2. On certain computers including mine, there's an important memory leak in File Explorer. So if you've updated to Windows 11 and going through your files and folders feels very slow, it means you are affected by it. Only Microsoft can fix this in future updates. The alternatives are either putting up with this slowness and restarting your computer more often, or using another file manager until a fix comes, which is what I am doing.

Hope this info helps, warm regards!

6. StormProductions,

MetalPhoenix, I'm also experiencing slowness in Explorer. What explorer are you using on Windows 11? Thanks.

7. metal_phoenyx,

Hi Storm,
I'm using one called Explorer++, it's both open-source and accessible. But there must be more complex ones around. Hope that helps a bit, take care!

8. Mmarina,

@metal_phoenyx Indeed, there are multiple PDF readers out there, however, probably the only one that fills and signs documents, at least that I know of, is Adobi reader.

9. Fawaz,

The most annoying issue in win11 is that we can't separate the audio output / input sources per app from the settings.
for whatever reason it is not accessible.

10. Soundarya,

With nvda its perfect, however I am facing one problem. I unable to expand the notification tray which would allow me to see the current status of, say, google drive or dropbox. So like nothing happens if I click on Notification Chevron button.
If you are into programming then you will love windows 11. You can even open linux apps inside windows, no, not in a virtual machine sort of way, you can open it as if its a windows app with the help of the updated WSL. Although, they would require you to open an instance of orca for accessibility, as NVDA does not support those apps.
I have even run Emacs with emacspeak with outloud TTS so yeah I definitely love windows 11.

11. metal_phoenyx,

Haven't tried that yet. The state of WSL last year was slightly different, only the command line interface seemed to be available, or maybe I wasn't patient enough to dive deeper. It would be wonderful indeed to finally be able tu ditch VmWare and Virtualbox. One more thing, in Windows 11, Windows Terminal can be set to be used by default, which is another great change. One thing that doesn't work for me is the new shortcut windows+N, which is supposed to open the notification list. Talking about new shortcuts, there's also Windows+C, which opens a modified and somewhat simplified version of Teams, which is going to replace Skype as the main communication app. Cheers!

12. Fawaz,

I don't have any of these problems. in addition to Linux as Sheldon mentioned also you have the Android subsystem with the screenreader too.
However I would like other to try if they can send each app sound to different output (using vertual cable) or any output lines you have. that is where NVDA is jumping uncontrolably.

13. QueenTammyTheFirst,

Do i need any sighted assistance in upgrading to windows 11? or can it be done without assistance?
I am asking as my screen is cracked so no one can see my screen, lol.


14. ethan714,

i did it my self, but it took what felt like for ever

15. Soundarya,

You can upgrade without sighted assistance, but I do not suggest you to. There are screens where if you get an error you will have no speech feedback at all, and since you say your screen is cracked, that would probably render your laptop unfixable lol.

16. ethan714,

i did not need to set up my computer as knew after the upgrade.
i guess for some it is different, but that's how it was for me.

17. Soundarya,

Same here, It came with the older settings and apps.

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