TT media player for TeamTalk

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1. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi everyone,
I would like to know if someone can help me to put on my TeamTalk server the Audio player. Thanks, Pierpaolo Tieri.

2. StormProductions,

Hi, not sure where you can find that and if it's available. As far as I know it requires you to pay.

3. Rory101,

There's a similar thing on github called tt media bot, you could use that instead I suppose.

4. RadioPierpaolo,

Yeah I mean this. The tt media bot can you help me?

5. StormProductions,

I'd need help with that as well. I mean, always when I try it with a cable, I'm hearing the music that people play on TT, even if not connected to that server. That sucks - I'd love to only hear the music when connected to the certain server.

6. Rory101,

Due to how the bot works, I think that can't be fixed. The only solution is to make another line of cable and not to route it's secondary output through your headphones.
You shouldn't use the bot on the main line of cable you also use for other things, otherwise there will be endless problems
Hope this helps

7. Chocolate-Icecream ,

Hello i can help you to setup regarding tt media bot just let me know when you got time.

8. StormProductions,

RomanReigns: Here's my Discord. DM me when you got some free time.

9. RadioPierpaolo,

RomanReigns have you got skype or TeamTalk? My server is ports 10330.
I will tell you if you will join, the server will redirect you in a channel called Ospiti or guests. So don't worry you can come in the root channel

10. Chocolate-Icecream ,

ok currently i am satting the radio but i don't have discurd

11. StormProductions,

Where can we talk, then? I do use TeamTalk but I'm on a private server which I don't have permission to give. Can we talk on Telegram or whatsapp then?

12. Chocolate-Icecream ,

ok just pm me in play room then we willl see

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