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1. wolfi,

If you guys play heartstone add me, we can play or make decks together.
WolfiAMusic #1456.

2. rockstar2013,

Hello there,
What exactly is heartstone and what is it all about? I am curious to know.
Thanks in advance.

3. delmar-barry,

It all depends on what region you are playing in, because you can't start friendly matches across regions.
To post 2, https://hearthstoneaccess.github.io/

4. unolover,

what is hartstone

5. delmar-barry,

A mainstream game that has been made accessible.

6. sodanisavit01 ,

can this game heart stone be played with windows?

7. Vojvoda,

Much faster and easier would be to actually search Google for it.

8. Fawaz,

actually much faster would had been to write either yes or no.
Anyway, yes, it is playable only on windows for screenreader users. At least for now.
and you need the hearthstone access mod too to make it accessible.

9. Nikola,

in my opinion, the best irony is that the link posted to the accessibility mod in post 3 already covers all these questions.

Right under the introduction heading, you can not only find out what the game is about, but also that the mod currently works on Windows only.

Good luck with the game.

10. Vojvoda,

There was already one link provided, and almost same question was asked three times. Noone bothered to check even if the person made, let's say efford to give the link that covers all the informations.

11. StormProductions,

Okay, so is it that difficult to answer? I don't understand you guys lol.

12. wolfi,

Bro why do y'all always find something to argue about in the forum section it's annoying lol. If y'all have that much free time go invest in a hobby or try to learn an instrument or something

13. Nikola,

I only challenge you to go to a mainstream forum and start asking these types of questions, and then we will see whether we are such mean people arguing all the time, or pointing out the obvious.

This can't even be considered an argument, you were simply told to click a link right in front of your face that explains everything possible about the game. If that is considered offensive, then we shouldn't have any opposing views about anything. Noone called anyone stupid or anything else that can be considered an insult, moreover even if you were lazy to click anything Fawaz already answered the question so I really don't even see why this needed to be continued.

I generally wonder why don't people search such basic questions. Not because I am lazy to answer, but on the contrary, is it faster to ask something on the Playroom / any other forum and wait hours for a reply, while in the meantime you could have already very easily found your answer.

Factually speaking, this is one of the more friendly forums on the Internet, so looking at the recent topics, I too wonder how you always manage to find people arguing on the forum. I can think of only one that was posted recently, and even that didn't turn out so bad in the end.

The forum is meant for discussing opposing views and as long as it's done constructively and without resorting to personal attacks, there is nothing wrong here.

I think we can safely go back to discussing Hearthstone now.

14. augma,

can anyone help me to open Mercenaries mode in hearthstone

15. jackson95,

It hasn’t been implemented in the mod yet. It should be coming out soon

16. delmar-barry,

Augma, if you use my GC file, there's a main menu mercenaries option in there. Click on that and from that moment you'll only need an AHK script and some OCR. Every script found here: https://keybase.pub/tniki/hs

17. augma,

how can i use your script?

18. delmar-barry,

Firstly, download it from the above provided link. Download the Golden Cursor addon for NVDA. Inside appdata\NVDA\Addons\Golden cursor, create a folder called MousePositions. Note that it has to be spelled exactly as I've written it down now, without the dot at the end of course. Put the Hearthstone.gc file into this folder and restart your NVDA. Next time you start up Hearthstone and there's something that you'd normally look for in OCR, press control+insert+l and you'll see all the positions. Your only task is to press enter on something that you need and left click. Remember to download the script created specifically for your resolution, it would be a good idea to check your screen resolution already before doing anything.

19. indianamaskar,

Wow! Where can i find the link with all the files inside? I saw someone mentioned there was somewhere the link, but i can't find it. Please, share again!

20. ibraheemmohsen,

I am now play Hearthstone
I stell learn this game, go up and down via menus,
you can add me to your friend list via this ID:

21. piathekiller,

hello! I'm saving to build a gaming pc, and I wanted to share an idea. I'd like to do a giveaway for the new hearsthone tavern pass. would you be willing to pay 3 dollars for it? thanks!

22. ibraheemmohsen,

yes, 3$ is really too low.
so I don't have problems if I pay.

23. piathekiller,

is win to win, if many people are interested, i'll post my paypal and battle tag.

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