Alter Aeon

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1. Ryan_K ,

Hey. Is there anyone who plays Alter Aeon or would like to start getting into it? Reach out to me.

2. augma,

i plays alter aeon

3. BlindMusicGirl,

I started learning the game but need to know more information. Like what to do about Sonja or whatever her name is.

4. augma,

you have to go to the morselium in the pellam symmetery and find the ring

5. Pj64,

i;ve heard of it. Sounds interesting and i like RPGs. how do i install it?

6. augma,

you have to download the mush z pack from

7. Pj64,

Is there a client for the game that supports NVDA?

8. samir ,

hello there all, I do play alteraeon, well not that very often, but I can say I am one of the good players on there. If anyone needs help about quest or need to runn for expirience, feel free to drop a PM. You can find me as dracula there.

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