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1. RadioPierpaolo,

Hi everyone,
I would like to ask if is there a game for blind people to play bridge, a card game.
Thanks, Radio Pierpaolo.

2. Aminiel,


Bridge would be a good fit for the playroom. However, despite multiple attempts, I'm having hard time understanding the rules and all what goes around the game. Maybe lights will turn on one day. For the moment, I have other projects.

3. RadioPierpaolo,

Ok but is there a bridge online program to play bridge?
A program to play bridge another program.
I know that for now you can't do bridge on playroom but I need an external program to play bridge.

4. Aminiel,

None of I know about, sorry.

5. paul_mccartney,

no, unfortunately there are no programs where you can play that game online... it would be great for the playroom. it's a good game

6. YNWA,

I would like to see Bridge in the PR but I do believe aminiel would require some basic knowledge of how to play the game. I have never played bridge but I have validated/added some quiz questions on bridge for Quiz party/duck racing. I managed to do that but found it harder when dealing with bridge terminology as I did for at least one question. remember that if it is created in the PR it will have to be created for all languages so aminiel would have to be spot-on for most things.

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