battle option of free table

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1. aki_bg011,

i don't understand how to play battle in free table, can anyone explain it?

2. magnumHurricane,

Which one are you referring to?
Qc consists of at least three modes of combat, if not more. One is with firearms, you know the modern weaponry, guns, explosives, spring traps that sort of thing. Another is slightly on the medieval side, where in a mixture of artillery is used including but not limited to swords, crossbows, flintlocks, etc.
And then there's the ancient format, hunt, gather, craft your own crude weapons with whatever you can find. Expect spheres, axes, hatchets, and other such weak weapons made from stones/wood mostly as things such as metal were not discovered at the time.
And with that utterly pointless explanation out of the way that holds no consequence either to this topic nor to the answer (or rather, question) that I" am going to put forward below...
What battle option are you referring to, exactly? If it is the die rolling feature that exists for things like d and d, then it is done something like this:
In the chat field, type a /(slash) symbol.
Follow it with the word rolls. Keep in mind there are no spaces between the slash and the word.
After this, you may type "/1d4" for instance.
the first number here before the d, signifies the number of die you want to throw.
The second number is for the maximum number that you want to dice to contain.
So, in this case, if I were to type the command I pasted above, I'd get something like this:
You roll 1 dice 4: 2
There is another feature, where in you can toss coins.
This can also be done once the rolls is enabled, I believe.
Simply type something like:
here the / is the slash symbol as always, the umber is the number of coins you want to flip, and c signifies coins. So, following the example from above, we'd get something like the following:
You toss 9 coins: head, tail, head, tail, head, head, head, head, and head!
Hope this makes sense.

3. ibraheemmohsen,

Where is the battle option you mean, I created a free table but no option appeared

4. HarryPotter,

easy, just grab any object near you and throw it at any one at the table, like the chair for example

5. Vojvoda,

I am not sure if you have enough high rank achieved in farkle in order to participate in the complex combats on qc.

6. ibraheemmohsen,

How do I make a new battle because the battle button does not show. what requirements I have to meet to be able to do so.
I am in windows client

7. Vojvoda,

You need to have at least 3000 games of Farkle and 1500 of Shut the boxes

8. MuhammadHajjar,

Not to mention that you have to be at least 14 years old of playroom age, your account's date of creation I mean. Grins

9. magnumHurricane,

Wow, everyone ran away good with that joke, lol. Nice nice.

10. ibraheemmohsen,

Do you mean this is just a joke? Lol
My heart went to my ribs when I read that I have to play 4500 games in total to open the battle

11. Fawaz,

sad that Mag spoiled the fun.

12. gatita77,

hey, i read this toppic and i wonder... is it true? roflfl

13. Emrah20,

Hi people.
I don't heard about It.
Where can I find those new informations?

14. Qais,

Here, under heading 4, What are all the chat commands I can use?

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