question about stream in playroom

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1. ibraheemmohsen,

i need to ask if I can stream from youtube to my table in play room

2. Nikola,

not directly.
Only direct download links can be streamed.

However, through a workaround, you could use a site that allows converting Youtube links to an MP3 and then stream the download link you receive.
Note that these links might be quite long and also might work only for a limited amount of time, but as long as you copy the direct download link it should work.

3. Chocolate-Icecream ,

Hello! as Nikola told you can use that method, or you can use the vlc media player to convert YouTube links and it not expire soon so i find it better to convert with it, how ever boath ways are good.

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4. ibraheemmohsen,

Chocolate-Icecream how I can do that with vlc?

5. Chocolate-Icecream ,

simple just copy the link from youTube and control n on vlc paste the link enter and if it playes then ok Just press control j and shift tab you will find a link copy it and paste here it will work.

6. ibraheemmohsen,

hmm thanks

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