Is this a good or bad ting

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1. DarkAlireza,

Is it animal abuse? 13 people are sitting at the table. Players: Yellow duck, Orange duck, Donald duck, Brother duck, Baby duck, Grandpa duck, Uncle duck, Porcelain duck, Plastic duck and Grandma duck. Spectators: AlirezaMorningstar, *** and *** . The table master is AlirezaMorningstar.
Context: I forced them to compete with each other.

Latest edition by DarkAlireza, Dec 21 2021 22:28:19

2. Nikola,

Who let the trolls out?

Latest edition by Nikola, Dec 21 2021 22:44:41

3. DarkAlireza,

Sry mom forgot to lock the basement, her fault I guess.

4. crazy_dreamer,

Now isn't terminator. Duckminator :P

5. EmeraldSnow,

Who won?

6. DarkAlireza,

idk I destroyed the table

7. EmeraldSnow,

I had done that too. When bots play it gets very slow and somehow boring.

8. MRSSquish,

Who let the trolls out? Spam, spam, spam, spam! I couldn't resist that one.

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