Story time using statuses

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1. EmeraldSnow,

alien-lewie, available, friend: Free table: hey, you, yes you . hi the_golden_snitch, available, friend: Free table: You have just started reading the status that you are now finishing reading kaito, offline, friend: Potato and tomato's status. ileto, absent, friend: Free table: whose status tomato, available, friend: Free table: My status glowingstar, available, friend: Free table: their status vippotato, absent, friend: Free table: your status aidenn, offline, friend: JustAnotherBoringStadis. Keep scrolingAndReadTheMoreInterestingMesages :d. The end.

2. meutwo,

wow! good thing healthy tomato

3. shubham ,

o wao what a way of expressing stories lol

4. VIPPotato,

Helo people we encourage you all to join the fun and share your statusses here. Tanks

5. meutwo,

lool ok

6. EmeraldSnow,

We hope you enjoyed the story and that this inspires more creative work in the future like potato said above.

7. sound2,

Lol okay, didn't make much sense.

8. EmeraldSnow,

Well it does if you look deeply and its not exactly supposed to.

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