What are some of your favorite radio stations?

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1. Adventure-Time,

Yoooo amazing people!!
So obviously, the topic title speaks for itself and there's no need for more introduction. Does any of you still listen to radio stations, and if so, which ones do you prefer? Are there any interesting or unique ones you'd like to share? I'll drop some of my favorite ones a bit later on, but I'm very eager to hear your suggestions first.
Cheers and happy sharing

2. Nokomi,

Hey, good topic, i guess that's a super opportunity To broaden the horizons of our musical culture.
I'm gonna share several and i'll try to stop myself at a moment, smile.

OK the best french radio, as you already know, FIP, a FM radio of a rare eclecticism, and without advertising.
URL link : http://icecast.radiofrance.fr/fip-hifi.aac

An other french radio, associative this one : Divergence fm. Also very eclectic, more than exciting conference rebroadcast, program dealing with a variety of subjects and which leaves expression to a part of the population who does not often have this opportunity. But I especially like it for the jingles between each music which are completely wacky
URL link : http://ridibundus.divergence-fm.org:8000/divergence.mp3

The next one, I don't really know where it comes from but offers a fairly substantial playlist of modern songs from the Balkans, Turkey, Pakistan, India, North Africa, and various Arab countries that I couldn't identify.
URL link :http://stream.laut.fm/balkan-orient-deluxe

Let's continue with this one : Ocora. A French web radio just incredible by its originality, and its singularity. A radio specially dedicated to traditional music from around the world. High quality recordings, which immerse you in the traditional musical culture of relatively preserved peoples or tribes. Traditional instruments and songs can be a bit confusing at times as our minds are sometimes conditioned to only appreciate what we are used to hearing or listening to. This radio is a real change of scenery, and for those who can understand French, the extracts are accompanied by informative comments on the region of origin, the people, the instrument, the nature of the music and in what context it is produced.
URL link : http://icecast.radiofrance.fr/francemusiqueocoramonde-midfi.mp3

To finish, a turkish web radio that i love to listen cauz' it gattering hip hop rap genre and turkish language.
URL link : https://stream.zeno.fm/c6at3dsp1v8uv


3. unolover,


4. El_de_Monterrey ,

Hi friends. Well, I should clarify that I am from Mexico, so the stations that I will mention below are Hispanic.

  1. La Sabrosita Fm:
  2. This is an FM radio, where various programs and music are broadcast, usually regional Mexican, northern, banda, cumbia and reggaeton. Very good in my opinion, plus it's my favorite season.
    2.Radio Disney:
    This is a radio that broadcasts pop music in Spanish and English, and has a very good variety.
  3. Alpha.
  4. This FM radio station is distributed by several locations in Mexico. Monterrey, Mexico City. and Guadalajara. It broadcasts pop music in English, and has excellent programs and speakers.4. Stereo Jolla.
    This radio broadcasts programs where you share thoughts, reflections, and it is an excellent radio to meditate, let off steam and listen to romantic music. End.

5. metal_phoenyx,

Hello all,

Thanks A.T. for this topic, so very promising so far!

Personally, I'm a big radio lover, although I listen exclusively online these days. Ages ago as a teenager, I used to spend long days and nights listening to short wave radio from all over the world, it was more than just a hobby. Internet makes things easier though, and sound quality has improved a lot.

Anyway, sorry for the deviation. I'm a big lover of public radio, as you might have guessed, both for the quality of the programmes, and for the absence of publicity of any kind. To mention only a few of my big favourites: BBC (mainly Radio 3, Radio 4, 4 Extra and World Service), Radio France (most of the time it's either Culture or Musique, rarely Inter), RFI, RNE, SRR andCRo. I'm multi-lingual so these might not be suitable for everybody. There is a very good website for those who like the same things as me, it's PublicRadioFan.com.

As for music, I've got a subscription to a network called Digitally Imported, my favourite being JazzRadio.com and ClassicalRadio.com. Not free it's true, but I can't stand advertising and I think they are really good at what they are doing.

So sorry for the long post, I hope some of these thoughts will be useful to some. Happy listening!

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