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Some Issues Concerning History Report

mayya 2 wolfi,

A bug with history

DragonQueen 4 DragonQueen,

Chess checkmate detection bug.

ajackpot 0 ajackpot,

Magic blocks and leveling question

Nikola 17 Nikola,

Bot was given 8 points for a three of a kind in Cribbage

RosieKitty 4 YNWA,

Main Magic block's music

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,

Playroom client 3.0 beta

Aminiel 351 Nikola,

Playroom bug with NVDA

supanut2000 3 Mohammedradwan2003,

Weird tables bug

StormProductions 2 StormProductions,

There's a bug in the Go beta game

ckimnbay 1 Nikola,

Citadels and saving - a bug with extra turns

Nikola 0 Nikola,


Dayan 1 dishwasher,

Citadels and using the Graveyard on a phone

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Problem Connecting to Magic Blocks

doidus 6 doidus,

Chess bug after an undone move

Nokomi 2 Nokomi,

nothing happens at all on magic blocks

whozitken 1 Nikola,

A strange problem with some game rules

Nikola 1 Mmarina,

CTRL-H and B are broken!

RosieKitty 2 Sylphrena,

strange bug

QueenTammyTheFirst 0 QueenTammyTheFirst,

Bug in mexican train

DianaNowlin 1 YNWA,

Bug with erroring out the client in 1000 miles

LaraStardust 0 LaraStardust,

Bug with the jail in monopoli

el_poderoso_sargeras 6 el_poderoso_sargeras,

Problem with Farkle

DianaNowlin 2 DianaNowlin,

scrolling the history on playroom web

diego 6 diego,

A strange bug with Poker

Dalison 4 Dalison,

Bug with blackjack game stopping

magnumHurricane 0 magnumHurricane,

bug with the eternal second beta

James_Ketchup 0 James_Ketchup,

Chess castling problems

Nikola 1 Aminiel,

bugs regarding uno

James_Ketchup 22 gfriha,

Problem with Go engine

Emrah20 2 Nikola,

Duck Racing Bugs

JoshYork 8 RedHotCharliePepper,

Bugs with special characters

Nikola 9 Nikola,

Another undetected Checkmate

Nikola 4 Aminiel,

Monopoly free parking bug

MilanPavkov 9 MilanPavkov,

Minor Uno bug

supanut2000 0 supanut2000,

Bug with Poker

Dalison 0 Dalison,

Problem with Status page explained better

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,

issue regarding discard pile not reshuffeling when empty

The_kitty_woman 1 Nikola,

Issue in reading the messages for low vision people

BenjaminNetanyahu 3 Aminiel,

Sending private messages outside of your list of friends

Nikola 3 Nikola,

unable to castle

MilanPavkov 1 SheldonCooper,

Another bug in friends' list.

DianaNowlin 1 Nikola,

Possible bug with saving battleship tables

James_Ketchup 1 Nikola,

Monopoly bug

supanut2000 0 supanut2000,

Bug with cribbage scoring

Mr.Superman 2 Aminiel,

Problem with friend list

Mich240 2 Mich240,

A possible small oversight in the Little exam

Nikola 4 YNWA,

About switching pages on the forum

Nikola 7 Nikola,

Problem with Statistic page

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,

Playroom web client defects on phone

Dracula-Vampira 4 Dracula-Vampira,

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