One Last Gift; A Multilingual Dictionary for Uno

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1. Mortem,

Hi all,

I'm sure most of us knew James_ketchup. He was a frequent player on the playroom, and recently he deleted his account. Before he deleted his account he meant to upload this, but he forgot. So he requested that I upload it as his legacy.

This dictionary will allow English users of NVDA to play Uno more or less in English in any language on the playroom. Below are james_ketchup's instructions on setting this up, the last thing he ever wrote for this playroom.

This is only for NVDA. Not sure about narrator, thunder, or anything else. El-Dragon did this on the Spanish side, so I figured that I'd do the same for English. I meant to post this about a week or 2 ago but it slipped my mind. The purpose of this dictionary is to make uno playable in English regardless of the language chosen. Will it be useful? Probably not but I was really bored so...
Here are the steps to install both the addon and the dictionary file to the addon.

  1. Download this zip file and extract it. Inside will be the addon, the dictionary and a copy of these instructions without this step.
  2. Install the application dictionary like how you'd install any other addon
  3. Launch Qc and press NVDA key+ shift+p. It'll open a dialogue and you can just press escape
  4. Navigate to your roaming folder on your computer. This can be done by pressing windows+R to display the run dialogue. In the run dialogue, type %appdata%. This should now take you to the roaming folder. In the folder, navigate to the NVDA subfolder, then speech dicts, then app dicts. Paste the qcgc dictionary file (qcgc.dic) in that apppdicts folder.
  5. Restart NVDA and see if it works or not. If it doesn't, well I dunno sorry.
  6. Some things to keep in mind. The dictionary is not perfect so some cards couldn’t be translated but I'm sure that'll be easy to figure out. Also, the word Joker is now replaced with wild.

2. the-chaos,

why'd he delete though I wonder.

3. Mortem,

I'm not sure.

4. unolover,

what happiend to him

5. Fiery_Krrish,

Is that updated one?

6. Mortem,

IDK if it's updated and I can't ask James right now since he's gone.
Edit: Clarified wording

Dernière édition par Mortem, 30.12.2021 01:15:26

7. StormProductions,

What do you mean he's gone? Is he gone from everywhere you could get in touch with him? Don't you have another way of talking to him?

8. DarkAlireza,

@7 Yes, he is gone. There is no way of contacting him.

9. braille0109,

Regarding the dictionary, modifying the INI file and changing the version number for now at least, works with the latest snapshot at the time of writing.

10. Ostadamirrza,

hi winre

11. Mortem,

What does that message mean?

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