Your help needed to validate a transformative project

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1. Ryan_K ,

Hey guys! I'm working on a project that could really transform the independence of blind people in low to middle income countries. To progress, we need to do some research on these areas. and research in general within the community. Would you help out by filling this survey? It would be greatly appreciated and also if you can share to relevant people. Thank you!

2. dragonoid,

I filled the servay

3. Ryan_K ,

Thank you! Appreciated

4. dragonoid,

is it gunna support Algeria though? Like the maps and everything

5. Ryan_K ,

Yes. But sadly Arabic is one of the languages not supported as of now.

6. Mohammedradwan2003,

i filled it

7. Ryan_K ,


8. lovebird,

I also did

9. dragonoid,

don't worry about, I understand english. Besides, for the other arabs youtubers could make reviews for your app so they can work with it

10. Ryo-Bee,

Thanks guys!

11. Nightbird,

Filled it out too :) good luck and hope you get some more people to do so. This project could be really interesting.

12. ibraheemmohsen,


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13. Ryo-Bee,

Thanks everyone who responded.

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