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1. wolfi,

Hey everyone I hope you guys are doing good.
I am trying to start my recording studio at home, but I want to learn how to record full tracks. If I were to stop half way through the track, I wanna learn how I can just start off from where I left off and keep on recording and just basic things like that.
So I need someone who knows how to use reaper or any accessable recording software so they can help me learn. I am willing to pay for the lessons.
Please let me know and thank you for your time.
My email is:

2. Rory101,

Hello, I could try to help you learn. How much are you offering? I'm not a beginner in reaper but not an expert. Also, since I don't have paypal yet I would accept pay in the form of games etcetera. Are you also planning to use synthesizers? If yes, I have a lot more that I can teach than otherwise.

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