Setting up the TT media bot

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1. Chocolate-Icecream ,

Hello every one, so many people want to setup tt media bot so i am going to explain how to do that.
A fair warning i am going to tell about windows.
ok lets begin.
first download the python.
then, download and setup the virtual cable or VB from here.
warning, i got the bot's setup from my friends who did all the necessary settings so in that you got his server properties so just change it in yours.
now every thing setup lets begin.
first install all the requirements from the requirements folder
for doing this open the requirements.txt
then copy the first one, and open windows power shell
and type like this, pip install beautifulsoup4
and wait for few seconds and do same with others.
now if you installed all of them currectly lets check your device's cable numbers
now open the TTMediaBot-master folder again and find-- and hit tab untill you find the address barr hit enter there and paste the following --devices
if you installed all the requirements rite then it will tell you the numbers of your output and input devices.
now in those output and input devices, remember the numbers of vertual cable for out put and input boath.
now in the folder TTMediaBot-master find the file called-- config.json
in here first find the following-- "output_device": 0,
in here put your virtual cable's number for output device, and now find--
"input_device": 0
now here put the input device number of virtual cable
note-- in input devices there are 2 numbers for virtual cables so don't be confuse use which ever you find working for you
now in this file you can edit various things like-- you can set to channal messages true or false, you can set your players nickname or gender and most importantly in here you can change your server properties like ports user name pass or in which channal you want your bot to land.
now that's done now just hit enter in and it will land on your server if you set every thing rite and if you put the correct numbers then it will work fine for yu
for checking just pm the bot message h and it will tell you all the necessary commands.
thanks hope you will all understand and parden if i did any mistake

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2. Mortem,

The way pip requirements work, you can just do

pip install -r requirements.txt

No need for copying and pasting the modules from the requirements file or whatever.

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3. Chocolate-Icecream ,

yep absolutely rite, but I hav'ntt mentioned this because
its give me following error, ERROR: Could not open requirements file: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'requirements.txt'
even though I got the file

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4. JoWier,

Are you sure you've cd'ed into the directory in that case?

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5. Chocolate-Icecream ,

yes i have

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