Weered error with NVDA remote

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1. Chocolate-Icecream ,

Hay I don't know if anyone faced this error or not! I am using latest NVDA and when i am trying to connect with nvdaremote.com for controling other computer getting the following error, Error Connecting dialog Unable to connect to the remote computer.
so I just wanna ask: is any one know why is this happening?

2. Nikola,

you aren't alone and it isn't a problem on your side.
It appears that they forgot to renew the domain.
As long as the developers are aware, it should be back in the near future. Will ask on Twitter and see what they say.

In the meantime, you can use an alternative server such as remote.nvda.es the Spanish NVDA remote server.

3. Chocolate-Icecream ,

hay thanks man its working now.

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