10 years of playroom!

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1. Aminiel,

Hello all,

I have released this evening a new program to play card games online in an accessible way.
I have called this program the playroom. Yes, that's a room where you can play games, hance this very simplistic name.

Ten years ago, smart was the one who could predict that the above innocuous lines would launch a small revolution in the world of accessible gaming.
In any case, if you told me so at that time, I would have found you completely crazy.
Think a little, just a tiny card game! I belief I would draw interest of no more than a couple casual players. I was far from imaginating that it would go to that huge extent, and even less that it would go so fast!

I think I shouldn't go red about the term revolution: beyond a simple game, the playroom has become a true city.
A city with people coming in and going away. A city with those who live there, and those who only pass or stay for a while.
A city with its good stories, its less good as well. But a city who live, day and night.

Today, the playroom is ten years old!

If this big city has been able to flourish, that's because of everyone.
Wheter you have contributed to this great adventure in a way or another, be it as an administrator, helper, translator, quiz validator or writer, we would like to say you a great thank you for your support, or simply for your faithfulness presence. Without you, the playroom wouldn't be anything.
WE also need to warmly thank all players, yes, you! You have carried on games one after the other. You have shared good times and fun laughs. You have created or participated to tournaments. You made us be known, to your near friends as well as everywhere around the world, without ever the need for us to praise or advertise. You have all built up this platform together and keep making it live. Really, you deserve a great thank you king size!

This message is perhaps an occasion to express yourself about what you liked, what you liked less, what you imagine for the future of this universe, or maybe to share a few small funny anecdotes.

We will of course have the occasion to share this soon around a virtual table.
Given that our respective personal lives are much more full than in 2010, no date hasn't yet been fixed for a special event. Be sure that there will soon be one, though. We must celebrate it!

What's the future is going to be on our beloved platform?
At short term, a small surprise. At the moment, I can only tell you that ducks are implied (No no, don't call ASPCA, I only talk about ducks for bath, obviously!)
At middle term, a 3.0 client entirely made from scratch, and the concretisation, I hope, of what I started five years ago. No, I haven't forgotten, I only took bad directions and I lose my way. It can happen to anyone!
And at long term, I don't know. Maybe one day there will be a client for Mac, for iOS, a nicer interface for sighted people, or maybe none of all these. Nobody knows. Maybe we will need to wear a mask to come in the playroom, who knows?
Smart is the one who know where we are going to be in 2030, especially with the general uncertainty and the deep questionnings we are all living right now. What is sure, though, is that we will continue to do our maximum to preserve what have made the playroom a success until now. The best shouldn't change!
Let's talk about it again in ten years?

Thank you very much everybody, and long live the playroom!
Happy birthday!

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2. Anneau-de-Saturne,

Happy birthday!
thanks for all, long life for the playroom !
maybe for the 20th birthday my english will be better lol;)

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3. Nikola,

Happy birthday to our favorite gaming platform.
It's a pleasure to have so many great games to play for free. 10 years, only a few online games in the blind community can say they stayed up for such a long time.
I can only hope that it will be even longer. Thanks so much for your great work. Even though I am here only for 5 years out of those 10, it's also a kind of milestone for me.
The playroom quickly became one of the first programs I install on my computer, and the best way to chat and stay in touch with people. It's great and quick interface make it one of a few true desktop apps in 2020 for chatting. Everything became more laggy and slower to use, Skype to name one example, only Playroom remained simple, fast and efficient.
Simple , however, does not mean not powerful. With many options to customize and configurations to fit everybody, the platform allows you to do exactly what you want.
Of course, nothing is perfect, there are still some bugs to fix, but considering that only one developer is working on the client, it's doing a lot better than programs with huge companies behind them, especially in stability.
One thing I always say Aminiel is the best at is designing interfaces. Whatever challenge is presented in a new feature, I know you will design the best and the most efficient interface to use, in addition to taking our suggestions to improve.
That's why, no matter how long it takes, I look forward to V3 and seeing what innovative ideas you will bring for us.

I will always remember when I joined in 2015 how terrible my English was. Communicating with people on here helped me improve this and reach my current level.

Looking forward to many more successful years, and thanks again for the best online gaming platform!

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4. zorvax,

Hello everyone,

I am so proud to be part of the team of this nice adventure that the PlayRoom has become for 10 years now officially!
To all, thank you for your support during all this time!

Happy Birthday !

Take care,


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5. lucy_light,

Hello and thanks for creating this great platform. I can say I grew up with your games. I had my first account when I was just 8 or 9 years old, so I grew up like this, seeing every beta and enjoying the best years of my life here. When I was just a little child, I thought I made a great discovery when a friend told me about this amazing world of games. Now I'm 16 and I still enjoy it a lot. Thank you for making me smile day by day, year by year! Hopefully, we will get more great ideas for creating some cool games. I think it would be so good if we would also work harder to get the Romanian translation going on. Let's hope that this platform will live more than 100 years. Best regards!

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6. YNWA,

Congratulations on the 10th anniversary I have been around for 8 of those years and have seen the PR grow a lot. Some of us that are a bit older arn't so much in a hurry to grow another 10 years older thank you very much so if I could freeze time I would but not the growth of the PR. I hope the internet improves for everybody and more countries have a wider access to the internet so the PR can reach even more blind people than it already does. Maybe more devices will come available that we don't know of yet where we could use the PR on but we will have to wait and see.

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7. MuhammadHajjar,

Happy birthday, to this wonderful platform, which I have no words of appreciation and admiration other than to say: Thank you, thank you playroom. For every happy moment that I had in you, thank you for every moment I laughed with my friends, for every joyful moment, every moment I've had fun at, for every second and every moment I was able to make it pass without getting bored or even upset. Thank you playroom, and thank you our great developer Quentin for this impressive platform. I wish you from devs, staff and players along to the playroom entity all continued success and prosperity.

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8. Rory101,

Happy birthday playroom! It was actually the first game I found and a lot of the time I enter it to check the forums and play some games. Back in 2016 when I was only 9 I found this game and I have friends still on here that I met back then. So I wish the playroom a long and happy future, and good luck to the developers and people who helped with it in the next decade. What a rollercoaster ride it has been, but the playroom managed to stay up throughout the whole time, always there waiting for someone to click that create table button and start playing!

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9. Epic_Krrish,

Happy Birthday Playroom. Indeed it has been 7 years the time i have been part of this platform. It simply helped me to connect to so many friends from so many countries. So many of us have grown up together here hahahaha. so many memories and so many fun times. Thank you very much.

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10. bash,

happy birthday playroom! I've been here for like 2 years, and this place has been so much fun!

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11. andkuk,

happy birthsday playroom for 10 happy birtshday super waiting playroom 3

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12. console,

happy birthday playroom!
I have been here since 2012 and as krish said, Many of us have grown up here.
For many of us, playroom is the place where we moved from childishness towards understanding haha.
As I have said in previous birthdays as well, My favorite remains the free table.
This platform is just so effficiently designed for the blind as Nikola Said.
Many of us shifted between skype, discord, team talk, google meet, etc etc... but Nothing ever replaced playroom in what it does.

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13. Shell,

Happy birthday playroom! I've been here since 2018, and its been a great journey, full of challenges, triumphs, new friends, lost friends, etc overall a great place to call 'online home'

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14. Daredevil,

Happy birthday to the Playroom.
What a ride it's been for the developers and players alike, here's to many more years of fun and laughter.

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15. Lemonade,

Happy birthday playroom! I've only been along for the ride for about half of those 10 years, but it's been lots of fun nonetheless. May it continue to be so!

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16. sodanisavit01 ,

happy birthday to the play room!

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17. unolover,

happybirthday playroom long live to playroom

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18. hatlor,

Happy birthday

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19. Fawkes,

Happy birthday to playroom. That's my pleasure for being here like 5 years, and it was the first online platform I found to play, and I spent much of my times here. I wish you potentially continue developing and extending this reliable platform.

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20. Fawaz,

Happy birthday to playroom!
I've been here for 9+ years, since 2011.
made lots of friends and some really close ones as well which i spend time with them more than anyone in the real world :D
organized plenty of tournaments partnering with Krish or others, trying to create fun moments for others.
I honestly relish all those moments I've spent here, socializing or gaming, especially when I was new I used to socialize a lot which helped to improve my English greatly.
many many thanks to Aminiel for the platform and for the continuous development, and I extend my gratitude to the rest of the team from helpers and translators and admins, I am quite certain moderating such a platform of different ages and cultures is not an easy task at all what so ever.
accept my appreciation for all of these great work, and looking forward to enjoying the next updates.
best wishes!

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21. alee,

hello happy burth day to playroom

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22. Slavista,

Oh wow, the playroom is virgo like me... :D So happy birthday, our amazing platform, i've created my first account in november 2011 and i think i spend here nice times, made many good friends, won many epic and lost some unlucky games, was chatting many hours in free tables and many other things.
So dear playroom, i wish u to be here with us at least another 10 years. :)

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23. Cristina ,

Happy birthday Playroom!
I clearly remember when in 2010 one player called Sektor had told me about Playroom while we were playing on Rsgames.
Then in january 2011 I’ve created my account on playroom and since that time, I keep enjoying day by day everything what this great platform offers for all of us.
Congratulation Aminiel for your awesome work, thank you a lot and also thank everybody who are contributing with their effort to make this place be so enjoyable.
Be always blessed Aminiel because you succeeded to do something great by creating this platform.
Pon here are blind people and not only, from all over the world. Different languages, different cultures, but on playroom we are like you said, a big city of people who enjoy to play and socialize together. and
We have found on here many friends, many of us improved our English language knowledge or even had learned other languages to be able to communicate with those who cannot speak English.
Some people even met in real after when they’ve become close friends on playroom, including myself, and I think this gives another good point to playroom.
For me, playroom is the most accessible platform. It’s very easy to play, to chat, to do everything we need for having a great time.
I would also like to wish “Happy birthday” and thank you in behalf of all those Romanian players who enjoy playroom as much I do, but they cannot write on the forum because they cannot speak English.
Hope to have this awesome platform for many years and you can be proud Aminuel because you really did a very good work by creating for us this awesome platform and making us to be glad and delighted by enjoying everything what playroom is for all of us!

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24. timberlake ,

I'm really quite long time ago on here, like since 2011, it was only playing games time to time because I was only connecting through computers in our school, but officially I get back at the end of 2016. So far I really enjoy being on Playroom. It is kind of dayly thing... Thanks to playroom that I met lots of people that we stil hang out. Happy birthday

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25. anonymous ,

Happy birthday playroom! A fun place indeed, where we can just relax, or play some games to refresh our minds. Truly wonderful experience so far! Many more years to go!

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26. helleon,

Happy birthday! Long live the PR, player since 2013 I believe

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27. Marina,

Happy birthday to the playroom!
I can say that I’ve grown up in the playroom, I am here since 2011. It is like a big multicultural city that gave me a chance to have a friend everywhere around the world.
We had such nice memories when everyone used to know each other, and we felt like a big family.
Then the playroom grew, we all grew and became more busy, but nonetheless we still could keep our bond, and connect to each other.
The best thing the playroom managed to create is not only fun games, but also a great place to socialize and make amazing friends. This aspect is not present in many other games.
So thank you so much Aminiel for creating such an amazing place, and most importantly, thank you for maintaining it.
Thank you for the admins, fellow helpers, translators, and thank you for all players for helping this place to become what it is now.

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28. Radiant,

happy birthday playroom! I joined 2 years ago and I got a lot of wonderful friends, fun games, and knowledge to exchange from people all over the world. it's not only a game client, it's the best platform for socialising that I've come across

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29. Aminiel,

Thank you very much for your messages! I'm pretty touched that some of you have met on the playroom and got married, or when you say that the playroom is ammong the first softwares you install on your computer.

As in the french topic, don't hesitate to tell us how you have learned about the playroom, how was your first time, or memorable stories. That's a good place to do so.

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30. dragonoid,

hapy birthday to you, playroom, the place where i met my best friend in my hole life

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