Rules of the game

The goal of monopoly is to completely ruin your opponents by buying land, building houses and hotels, and arranging for your competitors to spend nights in your properties and pay you rent.

In turn, each player rolls the dice, moves forward on the board the number of squares indicated, and eventually performs one or more actions, depending on the square they land on. For each completed turn on the board, each time they go back to the starting square, the bank pays money in the form of salary.

When you make a double, that is, when you get a pair of identical numbers on the dice, you can play again. If you make three consecutive doubles on the same turn, you are sent to jail, your turn is over and you must try to get out on the next turn.

When you have no more money, you are said to be bankrupt and are eliminated from the game. The bank will take back everything you had.

The different squares

According to the square where you land with a roll of the dice, you may have to perform one or more actions:


When a player is in jail, either because of making three doubles in a row, because of landing on the go to jail square, or because of drawing a card that sends them directly to jail, special rules must be applied in order to be able to get out and continue the normal route on the board.

Properties, houses and hotels

Houses and hotels allow you to claim a much higher rent when your competitors fall in your house. In order to build houses and hotels, however, you must first own all the properties in the color you wish to build on.

Until you own a complete color, you cannot build any houses or hotels on any property in that group.

If you own a complete group, then you can start building. You can do this at any time during your turn, you don't have to wait until you land on the property you want to build on before you can do so.

Building houses must be done one at a time, in a uniform manner. That is, you are not allowed to build a second house until there is at least one house on every property in the group. Similarly, to build the third house, you must first have at least two houses everywhere.

One hotel is equivalent to five houses.

To build a house, all you have to do is pay the bank the price of a house as indicated on the property sheet.


If you are on the verge of bankruptcy, or you are running low on cash, you can mortgage your properties. By mortgaging a property, the bank gives you back half of the purchase price.

However, you cannot claim rent on a mortgaged property.

Before you can mortgage a property that is part of a group that you own as a whole, you must first sell all the houses in the group.

When you strike it rich, you can lift a mortgage, which allows you to claim rent again as before. To do this, you must pay the bank the price of the mortgage, i.e. half the original purchase price, plus 10% interest.


This electronic version of monopoly offers you some Variants from the basic game.

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